Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Monica



I have hopscotched around the South for most of my life. Ironically, I hate humidity, mosquitoes, and hot weather, but I love boiled peanuts and gardenias. I grew up in Atlanta, moved to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins University for college, and then moved to Tuscaloosa to attend The University of Alabama School of Law for my law degree. After law school, I lived and worked in Mobile, Alabama and Charleston, South Carolina. I moved to Birmingham in July 2016 from Charleston after my husband accepted a job as a college professor here in Birmingham. Birmingham has surprisingly grown on me. I especially love the outdoors and the hiking and paddle boarding opportunities the city has to offer. 


I currently live in Bluff Park with my husband, one-year-old baby boy, and rescue pup Bella Bear. Being a mom to a human is a challenging job that involves discipline and love (for myself and my sweet baby boy). The surprising thing about motherhood is that changing diapers is not as bad as I thought it would be, but sleep deprivation is what is really painful. The best description of parenthood that I’ve heard recently is as follows: “Exhaustion is the job description, but joy is the wage.” 


I am a full-time mom, wife, and lawyer. I love reading, hiking, volunteering, and paddle boarding when I am not working, chasing after a toddler and Bella Bear, and trying to keep the house in some sort of order. I am half Korean and half Finnish (I love good kimchi, but I hate pickled herring). I am excited to be a contributor to Birmingham Moms Blog to offer another unique voice and perspective on being a mom.