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My family was equally shocked and petrified when I first announced my plan to move to Birmingham six years ago. They warned me that Birmingham was basically the size of New York, the traffic was endless, and that it probably had the highest crime rates in the world. However, I was determined to attend UAB and become a nurse. My family reluctantly handed me the keys to the car and a couple containers of pepper spray “just in case”.

However, I saw a city full of opportunities far exceeding those in my small hometown (population 305). My husband and I received the highest caliber of education at UAB and both graduated with local job offers. I work as a nurse in the Neonatal ICU and my husband is a mechanical engineer.  

We put down roots in Trussville where we bought our first home. I love to go to the zoo, explore local parks, and visit the library with my son on my days off. My family slowly came around to the idea of us living in “a big city”. In fact, my grandmother recently commented on how many fun things there are to do when she visits.


Noah, my six-month-old son, brings so much joy and laughter to my life.

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Nevertheless, the challenges have been far greater than I expected. My husband and I mistakenly thought that we would make a seamless transition to parenthood. After all, I have five brothers, I babysat all throughout college, and I work with babies every day in the NICU. However, after a week of waking every hour and a half, I reached a new level of sleep deprivation unprecedented by my college days or working night shift as a new nurse. I vividly remember sobbing when it was time to go back to work. I was simultaneously heartbroken to leave my sweet baby and overwhelmed by the thought of adding to my plate.

Although I usually run out the door at the last second and my house isn’t spotless, we have settled into the beautiful chaos that Noah has brought into our lives. I love that motherhood constantly challenges me to be a better version of myself. David and I are always re-prioritizing and making changes in our lives as Noah grows and develops.


I am excited to become a contributor for the Birmingham Moms Blog because I love the community they have created. I felt isolated when I became a mom in my early twenties, since many of my peers don’t have children. However, through talking to other mothers, I realized that moms of all ages and backgrounds share similar experiences. Most moms understand mommy guilt, most moms can laugh at your embarrassing poop story, and most moms relate to your obsession with your child. Going to work every day and seeing moms who would give anything to have a healthy baby has colored my perception of motherhood. Working in the NICU reminds me that I need to slow down, let go, and treasure every moment with Noah. I hope that my posts help spread some of that peace into your journey as a mom!

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Courtney moved to Birmingham seven years ago with the dream of becoming a nurse. She left behind her five wild brothers but brought along her high school sweetheart, David. David and Courtney got married after their freshman year at UAB at the ripe age of nineteen. They thrived on cans of soup while pursuing their education and working odd jobs. Courtney graduated and landed her dream job in the Neonatal ICU. One year later, her husband also graduated and began working as an Engineer. They now live in Trussville with their two-year-old son, Noah and are expecting baby number two. Courtney’s hobbies include eating, being outdoors, traveling with her family, and making wooden toys which she shares about on instagram (amindfulmom). She is passionate about mission work and has been privileged to serve on trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica and Ecuador.