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Hello, Birmingham Mommas! Although I was not born in Birmingham, I was raised here and am proud to now call Birmingham my home. I have lived here most of my life but moved away for eight years while my husband completed medical school in Tennessee, and then residency in Mississippi. A lot has changed since we were first married, but I am loving the idea of raising our children in this wonderful city. I have thoroughly enjoyed being close to my family again. Meeting new friends in this busy stage of life with young kids has its challenges. Community is so important to me. Reconnecting with friends and their ever-growing families has been such a blessing!



My husband, Justin, and I have three children: Reese (6), Hampton (4), and Caroline (2). Raising a family while my husband pursued his calling to become an OBGYN has been challenging. Parenting is already difficult, as all of you know, but residency had its own sets of challenges and sacrifices, namely time. Now that we are on the other side and adjusting to a new normal, we realize that our intentionality in parenting with a purpose has paid off. Now that my husband’s schedule is not as rigorous and demanding, we do not take the time we have together for granted. Fortunately, I was able to stop teaching and stay home with our children. This has been an abundant blessing but exhausting, too. Between being a referee and a child taxi driver, I also manage a mosquito control company from home. Working from home has taught me about time management and self-discipline, all while juggling my everyday household duties such as laundry, cooking, and cleaning. When I am not doing all of the above, you will find me reading or spending time with my family and friends!


I am humbled at the opportunity to contribute to the BMB community. Gleaning wisdom from one another is a great way to help other mommas as we navigate our way through the trials and triumphs of life! This season of life has revealed a need for community, all the while making it difficult to cultivate friendships. I am excited to learn from this wonderful group of mommas, as well as share some wisdom I have learned from others along the way.    

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After being away for the last 8 years, Chelsea and her family have returned home! Chelsea and her husband, Justin, both grew up in Hoover, Alabama. She went to college at UAB where she studied Early Childhood/ Elementary Education. Soon after college, Chelsea married her high school sweetheart and moved to a small town in Tennessee where her husband pursed his calling to become a doctor. After Medical School, their family moved to Jackson, Mississippi where Justin finished his Residency in OBGYN. Now, Chelsea stays at home with their 3 kids- Reese (6), Hampton (4), and Caroline (2), all while running a mosquito control business from home! Being in this new stage of life with 3 kids and managing a business from home, has its challenges but she is starting to get a wrangle on the new normal. When she is not answering the phones, being a kid taxi driver, or cooking for her family of 5, she enjoys reading and vacations with her family.