Love Song to Red Hills Brewing Company {and all places that both serve beer and tolerate children}


My husband and I are creatures of habit. After a long day at work and school on Fridays, we have been known to pile the family in the van and creep over to the Red Hills Brewing Company in Homewood. This may sound strange. We are not alcoholics, I promise! Stick with me here.

To start, you will notice there is ample parking, with an overflow lot across the street. The bar is directly adjacent to Steel City Pops, where your kids can get the most delicious popsicles ever to take into the pub. Don’t let them try the Pineapple Jalapeno. But you BETTER. It’s a must have experience. Once you have your supplies head next door to Red Hills. You will notice the plentiful seating. The beers are cold and service is excellent. I like the pilsner. My husband prefers the nitro hefeweizen and the Irish stout. The children like the bean bag toss and other games set up.

You may be thinking “I bet her kids are well behaved and she can take them any where” NO MA’AM. They run around the bar and giggle and act silly at Red Hills. And not once has anyone made us feel self-conscious. In fact while we drink our beer, the boys are usually making friends with the other children there. And the dogs. Oh the glorious dogs. My family likes dog but we don’t have one. Usually there is a patron or two who is kind enough to bring their dog to the brewery and our boys get to play with them for a bit. It’s the highlight of their week.

Reminder- this is not a sponsored post. This is just the author’s opinion. She likes beer, kids, and laid back atmospheres so please take that into consideration. And then take your family to the Red Hills Brewery. Let the kids stay busy playing tag, etc while you drink a beer in peace. This is how you kick off a weekend my friends.

Please let me know about kid friendly local spots in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. Good suggestion, Dori. As an infant, you literally drank yourself (your bottle) “under the table” in your car seat so that the parents could go out with you. No shame here and too late to arrest me, but it was the only way to keep you out of peoples stumbling paths and safely close to me. Back in the day, kid friendly seldom existed in the places we could afford to go to. Glad our society is more child oriented now for your family.

  2. 1) Invite me next time ?
    2) Check out Twisted Root Burger on Rocky Ridge. Great outside play area (connect four, cornhole, sidewalk chalk) for the kids, good beers, and yummy butgers!

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