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What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Have you ever seen something on Instagram and couldn’t click “add to cart” fast enough? That’s how I felt about my very first Aviate hat.

Am I a Hat Person?

I remember my social media feeds were suddenly full of local bloggers and influencers wearing Aviate brand BHM hats. I wasn’t much of hat wearer at that time, and I couldn’t decide if I could justify the purchase. But I ordered one anyway.

I still remember my excitement when the package arrived. My first Aviate hat was the perfect navy blue. I’m pretty sure I tagged Aviate in every photo of myself I posted that year. It didn’t take long for me to decide that I was, indeed, a hat person after all! I’ve been supporting my hometown–and a local Birmingham business–ever since.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

A Birmingham Moms Blog Favorite

I’m not the only one who loves Aviate. The ladies of Birmingham Moms Blog love it, too. We’ve been swapping stories about why we love them, why we’re brand loyal, and all the fun reasons we’ve been adding to our collections.

I snagged four new colors before the Christmas holidays and tucked a few into my daughters’ stockings. They were always stealing mine, but now they don’t have to!

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here’s what some of my fellow Birmingham Moms Blog contributors have to say about their Aviate hats!

Teacher Gifts

“I love my Aviate hat so much that I wanted to share the love with others. Teacher gifts are always a hot topic in moms groups, and these fun hats made the perfect gift. The teachers loved them!”

~ Mallory M.

Mom Hair

“I love that these cute hats cover up all my mom hair. These hats make me feel beautiful and confident–even when I’m just driving my kids to and from school or activities!”

~ Julie S.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Easy To Spot in a Crowd

“I absolutely love Aviate brand hats! My son’s bright green one makes it easy for me to spot him in a crowd. It has become a bit of a tradition for him to wear his hat on road trips and out of town adventures. That green cap has seen animals in three different states and counting! We’ll see where it goes next.”

~ Rebekah V.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Retain Shape

“I love that Aviate hats are sturdy and retain their shape. This hat looks great all the time.”

~ Laura W.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Perfect Fit

“My Aviate hats have become my absolute must-have travel accessories. They can handle whatever might be thrown at them from the lake, to the beach, to the hills, and the mountains. It’s fun representing my favorite places wherever I go, and I love when people ask what the codes mean. I can honestly say these are the only hats that fit my head, so I like having more than one!”

~ Jenny Y.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Functional and Fashionable

“I  love that they’re functional, fashionable, and allow me to represent my city!”

~ Alyson S.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Represent Birmingham With Pride

“I love Aviate, because I wear BHM with pride. It is my home and I love living here. I wear my Aviate hat anywhere we travel throughout the U.S. with pride.”

~ Haley J.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Mom and Daughter Matching

“My little girl and I loved wearing our matching Aviate hats for our plane ride home from a recent trip to Washington, D.C. Even in a crazy busy airport, she was easy to spot in her bright green hat! It’s always a mom’s greatest fear that her child will wander off or get separated in a crowd. But everyone around us knew we ‘went together,’ so it would have been easy for someone else to spot me if she got lost. It turns out, we had a great travel day and kept her close as could be. Plus, we got lots of compliments on our cute matching Aviate hats, too!”

~ Erika J.

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

Play Hard. Travel Often.

Aviate hats are the perfect way to celebrate your own city or any city you love. With forty six states represented, you can snag your hometown hat in every color or collect them to show off all the places you’ve visited. Their corporate motto is: “Play Hard. Travel Often.” If that doesn’t perfectly exemplify what we love about our favorite accessory, I don’t know what does!

What We Love About Our Aviate Hats

What do YOU love about your Aviate hat?