Birmingham Moms Blog is Live!!!


Helloooooo, Birmingham!!!!!!

Moms, we are so, so happy to be here! We have been looking forward to this day — our official site launch — for months. We have been learning a lot in order to present to you a blog that will prove to be a wonderful resource, no matter what stage of motherhood you are in. We’ve done research, design work, proposals, training & tutorials galore…and we’ve put together an amazing team of writers that we know you will just love. 

And all this effort has been motivated by the desire to bring moms together in this community. We love being moms, and we love Sweet Home Alabama! We also know how desperate we are for guidance, support, and words of encouragement … a simple “Me, too” or a “You’ve got this!” We know that we are not alone in this. Moms need other moms! We want to remind you that you have a fabulous support network all around you. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to figure out how to connect … and that’s where we want to help.

What can you look forward to from Birmingham Moms Blog? Our contributors will delight, entertain, and console you with stories from their lives and their perspectives on motherhood. They will share tips and life hacks, recommend products and services they love for their families, and help you explore this amazing city by sharing family-friendly events and destinations around Birmingham. We will also partner with local businesses we think you would love to connect with. We’re especially excited to introduce you to some super-impressive and highly-inspiring MOMpreneurs!

As we said, you will really love our contributing team of writers. They are moms like you, who LOVE motherhood, yet they struggle because being a mom is hard and they don’t always know if they’re doing it “right.” These women represent the full spectrum of motherhood … brand new moms who are figuring out how to do life with a baby, moms who are learning how to entertain/educate/keep alive toddlers, more experienced moms who have hit their stride, moms of pre-teens and teenagers, and moms who have launched their “babies” into adulthood. We have so much to learn from one another! And not only are these moms real, but you could run into them in real life! They’re your neighbors in the Birmingham area, and they’re here to share with you their love for motherhood and their love for the Magic City.

Birmingham Moms Blog Team

We have events on the horizon as well, so we look forward to sharing info about those with you. We can’t wait to see the beautiful faces of the moms of Birmingham in person!

Birmingham Moms Blog is a proud member of the City Moms Blog Network, and we have sister sites all across the country. We love that we get to connect with and support moms from the East Coast to the West through this network! We’ll continue to share some of their inspiring content with you via social media.

We want to hear from you, so feel free to contact us through our site or engage with us through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. If you’re a mom who wants to know more about BMB or share feedback, or if you’re a business who wants to partner with us in reaching and supporting moms, please contact us!

And now, what you’ve been waiting for … Birmingham Moms Blog! Enjoy!!!