Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Shana


Hello, Birmingham Moms!! My name is Shana, and I am an Alabama native. I grew up primarily in Mobile, AL and its surrounding areas, and moved to Birmingham 13 years ago. That decision has proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. Birmingham has become my home. I am sure no matter where God takes me in life, the Magic City will always be held as one of the most beloved places in my heart — it is where I met my husband and it is where we adopted our daughter. It truly has become a magic city to me. 


2017 – Downtown Birmingham at sunset 

I moved to Birmingham on a whim not being sure what else to do after graduating with my Master’s degree 

2017 – Matt, our daughter, and me

from the University of South Alabama. I simply chose to move to the city where my best friend was living and start looking for a job. Once here, I was quickly romanced by mouth-watering bar-b-que, sunsets on the mountaintops, plush greenery, a spunky running group that took me in as one of their own, and a new church family that lifted me up in prayer. They gave me fellowship during one of the hardest transition years I’ve known.  I have lived in almost every corner of Birmingham, have loved each area well, and feel I’ve finally mastered downtown driving (ahem).

But just as soon as I feel I know my city … I learn about something else that I haven’t yet seen or explored. Whether it be a shop downtown filled with knick-knacks and old vinyl records, insomnia cookies, a new trendy restaurant, or a carved out hiking trail … I am beckoned to continue exploring and getting to know, on an even deeper level, this city that I’ve come to love. Now, as a new mom, the city has also taken on the role of an educational landscape with which to teach my daughter as I go.  


I am married to my husband of five years, Matt, and we were blessed to become a family of three just two short years ago. We adopted our daughter (now age 2), and after 11 years of working as a full time physician assistant, I quit my job to stay home full time and raise her. To tell you the truth, although I love the practice of medicine, I feel I am now living out my dream job.

2017 – Hiking Red Mountain Park

When I first came home, however, I really struggled with figuring out how to weld together this strong desire in my heart to still help contribute to the well-being of my family while also being home raising my daughter. The Lord opened the door for me to start a home based business that would allow me to still utilize my medical knowledge while helping people attain a healthier lifestyle. Double win! I currently lead a team of over 350 people, many of whom are doing the same. It has been somewhat of a challenge figuring out the healthy balance between home life and running a business, but I’ve learned time management is key and my family always takes precedence. It is my hope to help moms in a similar situation to see the potential in doing the same if they so desire. 

Certainly, motherhood looks different than I ever imagined it to be. Before becoming a mom, I had all of these ideals and goals of what I would do and be as a mother — and in my head, I was pretty good at it. 😉 But the reality is … it’s hard. It’s messy. It’s truly sacrificial living and giving of myself more than I ever thought possible. Being a mother is also the most rewarding undertaking I’ve ever known. In the midst of no makeup, messy buns, unshaven legs, toys strewn everywhere, and yoga pants (because #momlife), I find the true joy is in hearing my daughter sing her ABCs for the first time, repeat scripture after me, count to 10 as she’s climbing the stairs in our house, and all the cuddles. Yes, all the cuddles and snuggles and smiles that simply melt my heart and remind me that I have the privilege of raising a little person who calls me Mom.


Sharing by blogging is the most exciting aspect of being part of the BMB team for me. Every day I am learning and growing as a person, as a wife, as a MOMpreneur, and especially as a mom. I have walked (and am walking) the trial of infertility. We are entering into the world of foster care. It is my desire to share with you my experiences, my heart, my struggles, and my victories as The Lord gives them, while hopefully sharing some laughs along the way.

2016 – Briarwood

As C. S. Lewis once said, “I have learned to kiss the wave that tosses me against the Rock of Ages.” There is beauty and joy in the midst of the trial … so I continue to pray and seek His will as I attempt to mom hard, wife hard, work hard … and repeat. 🙂