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Pulling into the train station from North Carolina, my parents and I arrived to our home in Birmingham, AL. The year was 1956. I was 8 months old. I like to think I’ve been a Birmingham girl all of my life! My grandfather used to say that the best thing about our city is that we are NOT Atlanta. We don’t have their traffic or notoriety, which usually brings its own set of problems. But Birmingham is the city I love because it’s been a wonderful place to be a mom! From its rolling hills and magnificent gardens to its cultural diversity and artistic innovation, Birmingham has been a great city to grow up in and to raise my own family. And hey, we have four seasons! Who can complain about that?!  


My family

In 1983, just 5 months from our wedding day, we found out we were pregnant. Our first son, Wesley, was born in December and was the perfect baby. Seriously, he made me want another. Seventeen months later, his sister Barbara arrived. I was overwhelmed, but thankful that we lived in Birmingham with both sets of grandparents! Seven-and-a-half years later, after many prayers and tears, we became parents again to a beautiful baby girl named Carly. This was a hard pregnancy on my 38-year-old body, so I was thankful and ready to be “done”. But God had another person to round out our family and another journey for me to take in trusting Him. Our second son, Wade, was born just 14 months after Carly. Outnumbered, exhausted, grateful — this was my theme song for the next five years. While motherhood came my way in two parts, I now know that this was the perfect plan for me. I have loved learning about myself through being a mother, and I have loved “the looking back” — working on doing things better the second go-around! It was a challenge to raise four human beings, to launch them into this world. The opportunity before me now is to encourage and pray for them as they find their way and start their own families.


I’m super excited to be selected to contribute to the Birmingham Moms Blog! My love for writing started in the 2nd grade and has continued all of my life. This blog is such an amazing format for moms to share ideas and insights they experience in our great city. My hope is to inspire young mothers to cherish the time they have with their children. Before you blink, you’ll be empty-nesting!


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Living in and loving Birmingham, Alabama is just standard fare in this family. Both Lynn and her husband Wes have lived in the city all of their lives. In fact, both sets of grandparents hail from Birmingham as well. Having raised four children to adulthood, it's now time for Lynn to give back, sharing bits of what she has learned through years of tears and triumphs. Thirty-three years of marriage and twenty-eight years of raising kids has been a roller coaster Lynn would ride again and again! With empty-nesting as her new normal, she has time to volunteer at her church, help other women decorate their homes, dabble in creative lettering, and write poetry.