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Let’s get the awkward moment of me having to introduce myself out of the way, because despite what my family says, I really do not enjoy talking about myself. Hello! I am LaTasha — wife, working mother of three, chef, and small business owner. My life is very busy and at times very chaotic, but what MOTHER’S life isn’t, right?. Although there are days that I cannot see past the mountain of laundry, I honestly would not change my life for anything in the world. I have a passion for food, family, and friends. I express my love for others through ingredients. Our house always has guests; and the sounds of conversation, chewing, and laughter have become customary in our home. You will most often find me — when I am not zooming in our mini-van, handling life’s busy demands — in my kitchen, which I consider to be the heart of our home.


I am from a very small town named Carbon Hill, which is located in central Alabama. However, for the past 17 years my husband and I, along with our three children, have lived in Jasper, just north and a hop, skip, and jump away from the Magic City. It is not by coincidence that Birmingham is known as the Magic City. Magic is truly in the air as the result of the continuous flow of innovative ideas being birthed in the city and the surrounding areas. Birmingham is a great place to raise a family and build a community. Although I do not live in Birmingham, many of my weekends are spent there. I absolutely love The Market at Pepper Place and having Sunday brunch at Perfect Note. There is something magical and exciting to me about this PLACE that offers big city living with small town hospitality.


                       Meet “The  Allen 5”


Being a mom is more than sleepless nights, play dates, and carpooling; to me it is a calling. I LOVE being a mom to my three beautiful children, Azha who is 19, Amya who is 15, and our son George III (aka Tre) who is 9. The most joyous thing to me about being a mom is being able to have a front-row seat as each one of my children’s personalities and passions have developed. The most challenging thing has been constantly worrying about whether I am doing what is best for my children. There are days that our family has amazing victories and accomplishments and my Super Mom cape blows fiercely in the air, but there are also days that are full of defeats and failures and I want to wave the white flag. No mom is perfect! We may not be Super Mom all the time, but we are “WONDER WOMEN” everyday. Over the years, I have learned to embrace everyday living, everyday motherhood. I have also learned to embrace my imperfect blessings. No family is perfect, but somehow with the grace and mercy of GOD, I have found what works perfectly for my family.     


There is one thing that we as women share in common, no matter our race, religious beliefs, background, or social status: that one thing is MOTHERHOOD. I am beyond ecstatic about being a part of something that will connect moms from all over Birmingham and the surrounding areas together. I honestly believe that it takes a village to raise a child and a community to uplift one another. I hope to offer a little humor, encouragement, and my journey — both past and present — of motherhood. God Bless! 

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LaTasha has always known that she wanted to be a mother. The chance may have come sooner than what she could have ever imagined at the age of sixteen, but through the love and grace of God and support of their families, she and her high school sweetheart--now husband of sixteen years--have built and been blessed with a one-of-a-kind family. She was born a foodie and found her calling in the food industry at the age of seventeen on the very first day of her first job as a hostess in a restaurant. She later pursued her dreams of becoming a chef, all while being a stay-at-home mom, and loved every minute of it. During the week she could be found sipping tea at the weekly PRINCESS tea parties hosted by her daughters, but during her classes on the weekends she was the sautéing and simmering QUEEN. She graduated from culinary school in 2005. Preparing food has always been the way she expressed her love to her family and friends. Entertaining is a MUST. When guests are over, which is all the time, they are at home in her house. LaTasha graduated with her B.S. in nutrition science in 2015 and is currently a food service and nutrition director. She is also the small business owner of Simply Tasteful, a personal chef and nutrition service. She enjoys the simple things in life, hence the name of her business. She never meets a stranger and greets everyone with a hug. It is very rare that you will not find a smile on her face. “Always let your light shine” is her motto!


    • Thank you girlie! I hope you will continue to stop by and enjoy so many outlooks, advice, but most important encouragement on being a mom! You rock as well!

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