Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Julie T

Our engagement day overlooking Birmingham at the very spot we first fell in love!


Hi, I’m Julie T. I grew up in Birmingham–I was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital some 30-odd years ago, and all my years (minus three) have been spent in this city. I have a genuine love for everything Birmingham. I love the people. I love the mountains and the beautiful views. In fact, my husband proposed to me at “our spot” overlooking the city. I love that we (normally) get four seasons. I love the art and theater scene here. I love learning about our city’s rich history: the good, the bad and the downright ugly. When we know our history, we can know what mistakes not to repeat. And we can be inspired by the good, too. I’m a bit of a history nerd–I actually own numerous books about Birmingham (I know it, don’t make fun)! I have read books and own books about various Birmingham suburbs, books about the city’s founders, books about Birmingham churches and its architecture; but my favorite Birmingham book is Religion in Shoes about Brother Bryan. He was a pastor in Birmingham during our city’s early days. You’ve probably passed his statue in Five Points South many times. I just love the Magic City. It’s home. My home. And a wonderful place to raise a family.


My days are long with two toddlers and I’m knee deep in diapers, baths, laundry, cooking, cleaning, taxi driving, discipline, singing, holding, cuddling, coloring, cartoon-watching, book reading, kissing boo-boos, swinging, sliding, praying, and loving. 


When I was initially asked to write for the Birmingham Moms Blog, I was kind of flattered–I thought maybe I could put some of my unused journalism degree to good use (see, Mom, I am using my degree after all)! But I got to thinking, I’m on social media way too much as it is–I get sucked in day after day with the onslaught of photos, political rants, memes–and I’d be part of the problem, right?!! But I have come to realize more and more lately that we are created for community. As moms, we so often don’t take time for ourselves and our own sanity. We need each other for friendship, support, encouragement, and comic relief. I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the change.

My hope and prayer is to not only share my experiences with you all, but also to glean wisdom from other local moms. We each have a unique story to tell, a specific calling in which we live and learn and love . . . and the common denominator is that we’re all moms. So, no “mom-shaming” here, just a safe place to foster new friendships!

I once read that introverts have an ongoing conversation in their heads at all times. What? No, I don’t! Oh my gosh, yes, I do! So join this crazy introvert’s journey as I start writing down all the conversations I have rolling around in my mind. Nice to meet you all, and let’s chat again very soon!