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I was born at St. Vincent’s hospital and have lived in Birmingham almost my whole life! I love the friendliness of Birmingham and the beautiful rolling hills and trees. I love that I live near where I grew up so it’s very common for me to see my 5th grade teacher, my 3rd grade camp counselor, or my art teacher when I’m out and about! This city is a great place to be a mom because of our awesome weather (we usually have some days in the 70s and 80s in February!) and the many fun things to do around town (e.g. McWane Center, zoo, numerous parks, etc.)


I’m a mom to two adorably messy kiddos: Joshua (age 2) and Samantha (age 8 months). I love watching them grow and reach milestones. I love experiencing things with them for the first time, like when my son saw his first real-live elephant. The thing I find most challenging is knowing how to discipline. Two year olds can be the sweetest, but they can also be a little crazy (e.g. when my son cries until I take my hair out of a pony-tail). Learning who he is as a person and what discipline works for him has been hard. 


I’m thrilled to be one of the co-founders/co-owners of Birmingham Moms Blog mainly because we get to connect moms all over our city! I love encouraging women, and I hope our site will uplift moms on their parenting journey! My unique perspective doesn’t feel THAT unique, but I’m a mom with two young kids who loves Birmingham and can’t wait to meet lots of other cool moms! 

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Born at St. Vincents, Julie has lived in Birmingham nearly all her life, and she looks forward to meeting and connecting moms all over our community. Before having kids and co-founding Birmingham Mom Colllectie, she worked various jobs as a retail manager, merchandise manager, software support associate, and an HR recruiter. When she's not taking care of her two young children, you can find her (sometimes) working out, singing and fellowshipping at her church, playing golf (horribly), drinking sweet tea, and taking trips with her husband, Nathan. She loves all things coffee, Gilmore Girls, Disney World, Dolly Parton, and peanut m&ms!


  1. So enjoying reading everyone’s stories. Great job Julie! Can’t wait to see what BMB has to offer!

    • Thanks, Kristina! Hope you enjoy the stories that are coming… we’ve got some pretty incredible ladies writing for BMB!!!!

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