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Hi! My name is Angie. I grew up in rural Alabama, got a degree in Family and Consumer Science Education at the University of Montevallo, and have lived in Birmingham for the last 10+ years. Well, almost. My husband and I had brief stints in San Francisco and New York, where we became Southern transplant snobs. We thought we would never be able to move back to Birmingham after experiencing the beauty and adventure of both places, but we were (thankfully) wrong! Family and familiarity called us back home, where we were surprisingly greeted with many of the things we loved elsewhere — beauty, up-and-coming city life and food scene, and even adventure (maybe that was having babies?), to name a few. 


I am Mom to two boys, ages nine and eight, and one almost-six-year-old girl. I feel like our family is in a sweet spot these days. Everyone has long been sleeping through the night, we have real conversations, and we can even take extended road trips with limited meltdowns! Sometimes. All that, and we are still a few years away from the teen years (eek). I love getting to know these little people that I have been entrusted with for this season.


Plain Jane white bread is kind of how I feel writing with such a cool and diverse group of contributors. “What in the world do I have to offer?”, I ask myself. As a friend of mine put it — I can hang with fluff talk (decorating, beauty products, movies and t.v. … I love it all), but my heart is in deeper waters. I don’t shy away from talking about hard stuff, as it has cultivated a richness in my life that I wouldn’t trade for all the easy in the world. There is a quote by L.F. Young that I have held to for the last few years — “When life isn’t coming up roses, look to the weeds and find the beauty hidden within them”. As a photographer, I am good at seeing physical beauty all around me, even when it’s not obvious to others. But what about my own everyday weeds? The piles of laundry, whining kids, chronic pain … there is hidden beauty in it all. I just need eyes to see it. If I can also help others to see through that same lens, well, there would be no greater joy. 

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Though she’s a self-proclaimed Plain Jane White Bread, Angie Davis is anything but boring. She views life as a perpetual treasure hunt, with X's around every corner just waiting to be found. Perusing thrift stores for hidden gems is her favorite way to spend a day, and she carries this passion for seeing beauty amongst clutter into her hobby turned profession of photography. Her unique eye for authenticity not only adds interest to her photographs but also reminds us to slow down and look around in hopes to SEE. See the beauty in the midst of the mess. Angie and her husband Bryan have two boys ages nine and eight, and a six-year-old princess. Her daily routine begins with the get-to-school hustle, followed by a dive into her husband's recliner where mountains are moved, plans are made, and problems are solved in her journal. And with coffee, always coffee. And Wickles Pickles, if the mood strikes.