Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Erica S



I haven’t always had the pleasure of calling Birmingham my home. I moved to the Magic City in 2017 from Lake Charles, Louisiana (Geaux Tigers!) for my job in the oil and gas industry. When I first arrived, I immediately fell in love with the city, the food, and the people, especially my now husband Shane whom I met in 2018 while working here. Now that I have gotten used to referring to Alabama as “home” I can’t imagine raising my son anywhere else. 


One year into dating, Shane and I got engaged and then we were married exactly one year from our engagement. I actually found out two weeks after our honeymoon that I was expecting my son Cooper. (We move fast, but when you know, you know!) I wish I could say that I was instantly confident in welcoming motherhood and all of it’s glory but the truth is, I had never been around a baby before. I did not have younger siblings or nieces/nephews. In fact, Cooper’s was the very first diaper I ever changed! He and I just stared at each other that first week we brought him home, both confused, both in love, both scared, and both certain that we were made for each other despite the long road ahead. Today he is 7 months old and I can’t imagine this world without him in it.

Looking back at just one year ago, the one thing that was giving me anxiety about my future is now the very reason I believe God put me on this Earth. Being a mother is the most terrifyingly gratifying gift!


I am so excited about being a contributor for Birmingham Mom Collective! I think the fact that I have so little experience makes me vulnerable and relatable. I’ve joined so many online groups since Cooper was born; I love getting advice from other moms and seeing things from their perspective. I’ve never been a blogger but I have always loved writing. In fact, when I moved to Birmingham I actually created and led a creative writing small group at church in an attempt to meet other like-minded women. I can’t wait to share stories, experiences, and a raw outlook on becoming a new mom and step mom in what seemed like overnight.