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I never expected to call Birmingham my “Home Sweet Home.” Growing up in a family of farmers from Dothan, one-room schoolhouse teachers from Arkansas, and country preachers from Mobile, I ended up being raised attending a private school in Birmingham. My Mom and Dad put themselves through college at Auburn, moved to Birmingham in the 80’s and started working in Homewood. We lived in Vestavia, shopped in Hoover, and I went to a school in Shelby County.

Even though I claim to be from Birmingham, I never felt like I fit in the ‘Ham until I got older, got married to a wonderful man (BB), and started teaching and raising a son in Chelsea. Growing up, I never thought I’d live in Birmingham, be a teacher, get married, or become a mom. I am so thankful that God revealed my stubbornness and changed my heart! He showed me that He had called me to teach and had better in store for me than I could have planned for myself. Nine years later I find that I have so much more to learn! I love to teach, found the man God had for me, and have a precious three-year-old son. I am equally surprised and thankful to call this area “Home Sweet Home!”


My son, LB, gave me a new perspective and appreciation for Birmingham. Every new phase of life with him is more fun than the last. The more I meet moms at different parks around town, talk with moms at church, work with the moms of my students, and just get more plugged into the Birmingham area in general, the more passionate and compassionate I’ve grown for those that have the privilege to call themselves a mother.

Being a mom is a bigger struggle than young girls realize growing up with the princess dream of getting married and having kids. There’s a lot that needs to be talked about, especially as young women realize that there’s life after the wedding day. There’s learning how to be a wife, how to be an adult with significant responsibilities, and oftentimes, how to figure out the “mom life” that follows. I believe that many teachers and moms alike need to give ourselves a lot of grace to let go of things that we can’t control while learning how to balance being an adult, a wife, and a mom. We are all trying to work and serve many people in our lives without losing our independent identity in the process.

While I teach my students social-emotional-physical wellness strategies in class, I also strive to hold myself as a mom to that same standard; I am trying to faithfully practice what I preach in every aspect of life. I hope that looks like being the kind of mom who intentionally pours into my son, communicates proactively with my spouse, and balances the self-care that I believe every mom needs. It’s a continuous battle of motherhood to not lose myself in the bustle of mom life.


Right now I have an education blog through my school in which I post resources and tips for parents of second graders. I also have a YouTube channel through my school where I reteach some lessons and math strategies to enable parents to help their children with schoolwork at home. This year, I ventured back into the world of social media after a wonderful year-long hiatus. I now have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My hopes are that I can be a positive voice for teachers in the digital world while continuing to encourage parents and teachers to take care of their own family lifestyle, including their mental health, in order to benefit our amazing kids! I write a lot of tips for young married women that I hope to publish someday and may start a personal blog soon. You can follow me at @abrockedu!

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A Birmingham native with an active, family-centered lifestyle, Abigail Brock has been an educational leader in Shelby County for over 8 years where she lives in Chelsea with her husband, BB and son, LB. She has a passion for meeting the social-emotional wellness needs in the lives of students, families, teachers and staff impacted by the educational system. She has a heart to encourage parents, especially moms, as they navigate each new season of raising preschool and school-age kids. She believes that moms are the glue of the home, but often need some daily TLC as they work to hold it all together!