Birmingham Area’s Latest Trampoline and Adventure Park: Urban Air Trussville

We partnered with Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Trussville for this authentic experience!

You know you’ve found a winner the moment your children break down in tears because they don’t want to leave the place in which you just spent three hours playing. That’s how we left the new Urban Air in Trussville, but let me assure you, those were the only tears shed by our 3- and 5-year olds the entire time. We are regulars at other “jump places” (as my kids call them) in town and this new one did not disappoint.

Ultimate Adventure Park for All Ages

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of trampoline parks, I’ve noticed that many are better suited either for younger jumpers or older, very rarely both. Urban Air Trussville literally has something for all ages, even parents. All of the standards are there: dodgeball area, runway for the tumbler in your family, Dropzone (the massive inflatable airbag), and basketball hoops for slam dunking. While the trampolines are plentiful, it’s the added attractions that take this park up a notch.

Urban Air Trussville has challenging obstacles for every Ninja Warrior

Let’s start with the littles. Our kids spent most of their time (and energy) in the Warrior Obstacle Course. As soon as we walked through the door, the boys’ eyes locked onto the massive ball pit below the course. Give a kid a ball, they will play for maybe an hour; give a kid a ball pit, they won’t ever come out. While they weren’t really old enough to have a full appreciation for the obstacles, it did not keep them from trying. My husband and I of course had to try as well. Not only was it so much fun, it’s a great workout!

We also spent time in the Tubes, a sizable indoor playground only for kids 9 and under. There, kids can climb, slide and crawl through three levels of fun. Speaking of kids-only areas, this park even has a trampoline area specifically for kids 7 and under called Meet the Bowl. You can sit back and relax knowing your littles won’t be trampled by big kids. Did I mention there is actually comfortable seating? There are cushy massage chairs (that’s right, I said massage) located throughout the facility.

Moving on to the older kids. The climbing area is based on height (41″ and up), my 5-year-old was tall enough but unfortunately the 3-year-old didn’t make the cut. He had fun just watching though. Rock climbing is not easy, I really got my exercise here.

The first attraction you will see when you walk in the door is the Sky Rider Indoor Coaster. This ride is legit. Younger kids cannot participate, but the young at heart definitely can, and my husband fell into this category. I made him ride while I was rock climbing. Basically, you’re strapped into a harness and then flown through half the facility for all to witness. He loved it!

For the daredevils that are 52″ or taller, the Ropes Course is an obstacle course high above the crowds. Don’t worry, you are harnessed in! It looked awesome. Unfortunately we ran out of time (the kids ran out of gas) before one of us could try it out. I suspect a date night in our future.

A café and arcade, along with even more attractions make Urban Air Trussville perfect for an all-day adventure.

Warm and Welcoming Staff

The staff at Urban Air Trussville are so helpful, even fastening you safely into your climbing harness.

While the kids probably didn’t notice, my husband and I were particularly impressed with the staff at Urban Air Trussville. From the moment we walked in the door, the staff was attentive and happy (not an easy feat in that line of work). In many trampoline parks it seems as if you’re on your own. Here there was at least one staff member for every attraction, in most cases many more. From the climbing walls where staff attach everyone’s carabineer for safety to the Warrior Obstacle Course where there is a helping hand to pull kids out of the ball pit, Urban Air Trussville really covers all their bases.

Don’t Forget About Birthdays

It’s easy for me to overlook the fact that Urban Air Trussville offers birthday parties because I really didn’t notice them even though every room was booked. The space is so well laid out that it did not seem crowded, and we never had to walk past the party rooms. I did take a peek, and the parties looked very well organized (not surprising considering the staff). They handle everything,  so all you have to do is show up!

I have to admit, when I heard a new trampoline park was opening in Trussville, I assumed I would never make the trip since there are other options closer to me. It was 100% worth the short 30-minute drive. It is not far off the interstate, and there is a lot around the location. (My only regret is not stopping by The Three Earred Rabbit for lunch.) If you’re looking for a new indoor play place, definitely check out Urban Air Trussville. Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park has been voted the best gym in America for kids and the best place to take energetic kids. I can see why! I’m already planning to take my 8-year-old and 11-year-old nephews the next time they are in town. They will love it!


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