10 Must-See Murals Around Birmingham


Birmingham is full of life and color, and the murals around our fair city bring so much light and love to it’s buildings. Ever since I moved to B’ham, I have seen an increase in these massive works of art, so I had to share my favorites! This list is in no particular order of importance, since each piece of art has its own significance. Also, this list is in no way absolute; there are so many more beautiful murals around Birmingham! 

1. It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham

History: We can’t have a mural list without the most iconic mural in our city, The John City Mural. I’ve taken graduation photos here, and people come from all over to snap a photo of this memorable wall, which has been gracing our city since 2014. There is a rich history in its slogan, “It’s nice to have you in Birmingham,” that dates back to the 1950’s, so this one should be at the top of your list for murals in the city. 

Location: This mural can be found on the side of John’s City Diner in Downtown B’ham, 112 Richard Arrington Boulevard.

2. The Rainbow Wall

History: This beautiful and massive work of art, which is 500 feet long to be exact, has a meaningful history. It was painted by volunteers from all over in 2019 and organized by Color B’ham! Around 100 people played a part in painting the mural, and local businesses funded the cost of supplies. Their goal was to add color and fun to B’ham so people could be proud and excited to visit or live here. I think they exceeded in the color category! I snapped a fun maternity photo here back in 2020! Also, from this mural you can take a walk down Morris Avenue to see even more incredible murals and grab some peanuts from Alabama Peanut Company. Yum!

Location: This mural is also downtown, running parallel to Morris Avenue and railroad tracks, between 22nd Street and 20th Street North.

3. Pizitz Food Hall

History: This mural is located adjacent to the Pizitz Food Hall, which also has a long history in B’ham. Originally built as a department store in the 1920’s, this multi-million dollar renovation was completed in 2016. You can now see some awesome murals, visit a miniature Vulcan statue, and enjoy a variety of restaurants and businesses here. This colorful wall was a recent addition to an already beautiful environment. Also, if you take a walk around this district, you can spot many more great works of art surrounding the Pizitz building.

Location: This mural is right next to the Pizitz Food Hall, located at 1821 2nd Ave North in downtown Birmingham.

4. Theatre District

History: Right in the middle of the Theatre District, you will find this vibrant work of art. Spanning the entire building, it has a colorful mix of music and dance. You might even notice some Birmingham natives in the mix. This is such a fun wall to snap a photo while also immersing yourself in the thriving art scene. If you take a short stroll to the right, you will see another fun mural dedicated to the Vulcan. 

Location: This mural is located on 19th Street and Third Avenue North. 

5. Alabama Ballet

History: On the side of the Alabama Ballet studios, you can find this whimsical addition of art. I am a huge fan of sunflowers, so I loved to see this added to B’ham’s colorful scene of mural art. This is a short walk away from the farmers’ market over in Pepper Place, so walk on over! It is worth the trip. 

Location: This is located at the Alabama Ballet studios at 2726 First Avenue South, close to Pepper Place. 

6. Angel Wings in Avondale

History: This mural is actually the second one at this location, after the original was vandalized in 2018. The community came together to raise funds for this incredible sequel, which is painted next to Melt in Avondale. There is even a tiny set of wings for children and pets. This one is a must for an angelic photo! Also, across the street and throughout Avondale, there is plenty of other colorful art to admire. This is always one of my favorite places to take cute photos at while waiting for a table at Melt. 

Location: This mural is located next to Melt in Avondale, at 4105 4th Ave South.

7. Sozo Trading Co.

History: In 2015, Sozo Trading Co. opened its doors in the Avondale community. On the side of their building that faces First Avenue, they added splashes of color and encouragement. Most recently, they have added a second mural right next to the original work of art. Go check them out! We love their original mural that says, “What you do matters.” Such a beautiful reminder, especially as parents! 

Location: This mural is located off of First Avenue, where it connects with 41st Street South.

8. Woodlawn Community 

History: The community of Woodlawn got much brighter with this colorful mural back in 2018, which was organized by Blank Space B’ham and made possible by volunteers from the Woodlawn area. Their hope is that this work of art will create a voice for the community, while bringing light and life to the area! I used to live in East Lake, and I loved driving past this mural every Sunday on my way to church. Woodlawn also has street markets on Saturdays, which would be a fun addition when going to check out this mural! 

Location: This mural is located in the heart of Woodlawn, at 6-55th Place South, which is right off First Avenue North. 

9. Homewood Community

History: In 2018, a new business called Farm Bowl and Juice Co. opened in Homewood, and along the outside of their building is one of my favorite murals in the B’ham area. The medium of art is actually vinyl, and the geometric shapes and color palette of this piece are striking! This is definitely a must-see mural, and it is one of my favorites to return to again and again. I took a fun shot here when I was about seven months pregnant, and then I returned when our little guy was about seven months old!

Location: This mural is located right outside Farm Bowl and Juice Co., at 1920 29th Avenue South in Homewood.

10. The Summit  

History: In 2019, Trader Joe’s came to The Summit in Birmingham. Right next to their store is a colorful art addition, which is one of the many art installments around The Summit. Maybe after you finish grocery shopping, you can come by and take a cute photo here!

Location: This mural is located right outside of Trader Joe’s at The Summit, 205 Summit Blvd Ste 100.


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