Waste of Money


Not one day in my life have I ever considered needing a Band-Aid organizer. I’ve never taken issue with just having boxes of bandages in that bathroom drawer where they hang out, but the neatly packaged organizer with several different types of Band-Aids for somewhere between ten and fifteen bucks ended up in my Costco cart. Do I use it? Yes. Do I need it? Absolutely not.

There were some cool lanterns at a great price when I was shopping recently. My mind immediately told me they would come in SO HANDY during power outages. Why use the flashlights and candles that have always done their jobs when I could have awesome lanterns that take tons of D batteries? They were a name brand and less than $20, so why not? Have I used them? I think maybe once. Do I need them? Absolutely not.

These purchases fit my budget, but I’ve noticed that they sure do add up over the course of a month. That’s the rub, isn’t it? Something seems kind of fun to have, and your mind tells you it serves a purpose, but the $10 here and $20 there purchases end up showing themselves when it comes time to pay the credit card each month.

I’m working harder to recognize these things for what they are—wastes of money. I don’t want to Band-Aid organizer and random lantern my way out of cash I could use for something really cool that can make a difference in my home or life. I’m looking at you, Dyson vacuum I’ve wanted for months.

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Jenny-Lyn was born in Decatur, grew up in Ohio, and moved to Birmingham as a teenager. Her favorite things about Birmingham include sweet tea, the use of Sir and Ma’am, and the way people offer friendly smiles while out and about. Oh, and the food. Jenny’s background is sales and marketing, each of which she enjoys putting to use behind the scenes with Birmingham Mom Collective. After getting married, Jenny moved from Birmingham to Minneapolis where she invites anyone interested to visit around August. She’s strongly connected to Birmingham through friends, family, and of course Birmingham Mom Collective. Jenny and her husband Soo-Young have two sons, Michael and Jonathan. She guesses she’s officially a boy mom, and that’s a pretty good thing to be in her book.


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