Hunting in the ‘Ham :: Making My House a Home One Garage Sale at a Time


Saturdays on the hunt

garage sale - the perfect Saturday morning activity
Sunny day for a sale!

You won’t catch me decked out in camo any given Saturday, but it’s likely I’m still on the hunt. The elusive treasures that await discovery in their cozy suburban habitats aren’t safe when I’m tracking down a good ole Saturday morning garage or estate sale. Garage sales can be a quick stop off the side of the road to check out a few tables laden with recently purged home goods. For an all-out tour of a home and a lifetime of its contents, estate sales will be your best bet. There are some true gems out there if you are willing to search. My love for these sales goes back to the early days of my marriage when I was trying to bring some life to our little 900-square foot apartment. On Fridays I would check out ads online and set my course for the next morning. Not only did I find some neat items that I still use today, I enjoyed exploring parts of our city’s loveliest neighborhoods. 

Fabulous finds

At a garage sale, you might find the perfect accent piece for your home for only one dollar!
My one dollar deal

To me, the thrill of the hunt is finding the very thing I didn’t know I always wanted. Oftentimes, I’m not looking for anything in particular but will come across an item for next to nothing and take it home. One of my favorite occasional tables was a one dollar purchase I found a few years ago. It’s seen better days for sure, but a coat of paint and the right accessories make it an interesting piece that adds a little character to the corner of our playroom.

If you are interested in kid-related items, outdoor toys and children’s clothing are always being re-sold. If you are looking to replace or try out some gear before taking the financial plunge, a garage sale is highly likely to deliver in that department. Due to the low cost, it doesn’t sting so bad when things get left out in the rain or end up with holes in the knees! Now that my kids are out of the baby stage, I take them with me on occasion. I’ll give them a couple of dollars so they can stay busy searching for their own little treasures. I’ve learned that packing some snacks and playing a movie in the car offsets what could seem like a running a bunch of errands, making it feel like a special outing instead. It’s quite possible they’ll only remember me for making one man’s trash my treasure, but my hope is that they will look back fondly on our Saturday morning adventures!

Give it a try!

Facebook trading groups,, Craigslist, and estate sale sites are my go-to sources for finding sales. My advice is go early, take cash, and be ready to hunt! Be warned, there have been days I’ve come home with little to nothing to show for my time. The thrill will come, though . . . you’ll find that perfect lamp that adds a pop of color to your space and was only two dollars to boot! Shopping garage and estate sales can be a fun and practical way to add beauty to your home, get to know your city, and entertain your kids all in one! I’d love to hear about your favorite finds and adventures in rummaging!


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Lyndsey is a Florida native who moved to the Birmingham area for school and never went back. She’s called Birmingham home since 2005 when she landed her first job as a speech pathologist at UAB. After a five year hiatus to have her little ones, she went back to work part-time treating brain injury and stroke patients in UAB’s post-acute rehab center. Lyndsey is a proud police officer wife to her husband of nine years, Philip. They bring new meaning to the idea of “good cop vs. bad cop” when it comes to parenting their three young children Ben(6), Mamie(4), and Phils(2). Thankfully, their faith in God has proved to be the best route for figuring this parenting thing out. A good time for Lyndsey includes treasure hunting at garage and estate sales, decorating her home, and a good old fashioned Netflix binge.