Hobbies We Have Explored in Quarantine


My husband and I have lived without a t.v. since we got married over six years ago. It has never really bothered us because we’ve always had plenty of things to keep us busy. From church activities to seasonal events, we never struggled to fill our calendar. However, when the world shut down and our schedules suddenly cleared, we had more down time than we were used to. Many of our friends were indulging in reality t.v. shows (I see you, Tiger King) while we were dusting off the only puzzle we had in our game closet. After about two weeks of deep cleaning the house and checking random things off our “to-do” list, we had to start getting creative. Like many of you, we decided to pick up hobbies for the first time in our married life. Here are some of the hobbies we tried out during our time in quarantine. 


Quarantine was the first time we made bread entirely from scratch. Fresh bread straight from the oven is a simple joy everyone should experience. 

Hobbies in quarantine - baking


We attempted to grow a few plants from seeds this year. After those died, we went back to the store and bought two live plants hoping they would fare better. Our garden yielded exactly two small tomatoes and one shriveled pepper. Obviously, we have room for improvement with this one. 

Hobbies in quarantine - gardening
Our master gardener


We started making homemade homemade wooden toys for our son. It was so nice to have more options for play since we were spending so much time at home. This hobby is certainly not going anywhere as we have a whole list of projects for Christmas. 

Hobbies in quarantine - woodworking
Puzzle we made for our son

Needle Felting

I attempted needle felting and made several felted stars for my son. However, I decided that this is one hobby I do not have the patience for. 

Home Improvement 

We are two of the approximately 100,000 people at Home Depot and Lowe’s daily. The more time we spend at home, the more things we notice need sprucing up. Despite working relentlessly for the past several months, our list has grown even longer. 

Hobbies in quarantine - home improvement

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing all of the hidden talents my friends have displayed over the past few months. If you’ve discovered a new hobby, we would love for you to share about it with us! 

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Courtney moved to Birmingham seven years ago with the dream of becoming a nurse. She left behind her five wild brothers but brought along her high school sweetheart, David. David and Courtney got married after their freshman year at UAB at the ripe age of nineteen. They thrived on cans of soup while pursuing their education and working odd jobs. Courtney graduated and landed her dream job in the Neonatal ICU. One year later, her husband also graduated and began working as an Engineer. They now live in Trussville with their two-year-old son, Noah and are expecting baby number two. Courtney’s hobbies include eating, being outdoors, traveling with her family, and making wooden toys which she shares about on instagram (amindfulmom). She is passionate about mission work and has been privileged to serve on trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica and Ecuador.