Valentine’s Day :: COVID Style


2020 Aftermath

Moms today are juggling fitness goals, family goals, and many times career goals. Oftentimes, our relationship with our spouse can become secondary to the everyday busy life we all have. This Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage you that you can make it special, wherever you are. This last year for sure has shown us that anything is possible, and we are adjusting to our new “normal” lifestyle. I’m sure that any other year the goal would be to arrange childcare and have a romantic date night at your favorite date night spot; it was what we tried to do every year. But, this year may look a little different for families due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t know about you, but 2020 sure rocked our world.

Involve your family in the fun!

If we’ve all learned one thing, it’s that we have been able to spend MUCH more time with our family. By now, I’m sure we have learned the ins and outs of this thing called “parenting.” Why not make it fun? Try making Valentine’s Day a family event.

  • Make a family-friendly dinner, as a family. Involve the children as much as possible and let them have a responsibility while preparing dinner. Some ideas are homemade pizza, breakfast for dinner, or making a fun dessert.
  • Have a Valentine’s Day movie night. Put on those pajamas, snuggle up, and watch a Valentine’s Day movie with your family.
  • Make a fun Valentine’s Day craft. Let the kids be creative and try and use supplies you already have on hand. I know that my kids love to make cards for one another, and for myself and my husband too!
  • Want to relax and order take out? Birmingham has great local restaurants that offer affordable family-friendly meals.

Get outside if you can. Try and go on a hike with your family and enjoy some outdoor time together.

Valentine's Day :: Covid StyleDate Night Option :: Going Out or Staying Home

Valentine’s Day can be one of the busiest nights at a restaurant, and this year with the holiday falling on a weekend — it’s going to be busy! Try and plan ahead for a babysitter, and make a reservation at your favorite date night spot. Even during our current circumstances, there’s a safe way to have a date night. Check out a local restaurant with outdoor dining. Birmingham has a variety of food choices at all different prices!

If you’d rather have a romantic night in, order take-out at a local restaurant ahead of time. You can still prioritize your spouse and have a relaxing night at home. Set up some candles, get some flowers for a table setting, turn on some light music, grab a bottle of wine, and enjoy some quiet conversation (we know it’s hard to come by these days!) The one-on-one moments are few and far between, especially if you have children.

Do what works best for you and your family.

Whether you celebrate with your family or with your spouse, you can make the most out of Valentine’s Day. If we’ve learned anything from 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that it has brought our families closer together than ever. All families are different, and I hope that these suggestions will be helpful as you prepare for this Valentine’s Day!