The ABCs of Mother’s Day :: What Moms REALLY Want


,Image of Mother Reading to 2 children, a boy and a girlI am about to let you in on a secret. Read on to learn how to ensure the Mom(s) in your life experience the best Mother’s Day, and get exactly what they want; it really is as easy as ABC! I know you’re probably thinking, “all Moms are so different, so how can ONE secret make ALL Moms happy?” Well, these ABCs can be applied to any Mom, and, if you follow the steps correctly, a blissful day will be had by all. Ready? Let’s get started!


The “A” of our Mother’s Day formula is for “acknowledgment”. Every Mom wants her hard work to be noticed, and let’s be honest, this doesn’t always happen on a daily basis. As a Mom I am here to tell you that’s okay! We know how busy our families are–we’re the ones that schedule everything–but there is no better day than Mother’s Day to show Mom how much you appreciate all the little (and not so little) things she does.

You could pick a household task that “magically” gets done and do it yourself. Better yet, have the kids make a Coupon Book of some of these mundane chores. Then, Mom can cash them in down the road. Loading or unloading the dishwasher, folding AND putting away laundry, making school lunches, and picking up “stuff” immediately come to my mind. These are daily tasks that, if someone else in the house were to complete them, would really let the Mom in your life know you see (and appreciate) what she does on a day to day basis, even if she occasionally feels invisible.A family of 5 walking through a field. 2 boys, Mama, Dad holding baby girl.


Next up is “B” for Break, something Mamas don’t get a whole lot of! Mother’s Day is a great day to give Mom a break. But, this is a very specific type of break, and it does require some planning (partners, I’m looking at you on this one). Moms need a brain break. We are constantly remembering meetings and shoes and lists and where items you misplaced weeks ago are (spoiler: they’re sitting right where you left them). It’s a lot to keep track of.

So, on Mother’s Day, help give Mom’s brain a real rest. Asking where she wants to go for lunch or what she wants for dinner makes that brain have to work. You know where and what Mom likes to eat, so plan it and make it happen. If you’re stuck for ideas, enlist the kiddos to extract information. Moms are used to answering all sorts of rapid fire questions from children without a second thought. If the kids ask her favorite food or restaurant she will likely answer and not think a thing more about it. (Pro tip: This meal could be literally anywhere. Anything pre-planned will ensure Mom’s relaxation. I promise she will not care at all where the meal is being consumed, especially if she isn’t doing the dishes!)


The “C” in our ABCs is Care, and one of the few things Mamas are bad at is caring for themselves. This will absolutely look different in every household. Some Moms want a full day of activities with the whole family, some Moms want to Netflix and chill alone. Perhaps she wants a trip to the spa, or maybe lunch with girlfriends. Be sure to book it for her to save that brain and make sure she follows through. (We notoriously put off planning for ourselves. Just ask the unused Spa gift certificates in my desk drawer.) Again, if you don’t have any ideas set the kids to work to find out “what Mommy would do if she had nothing to do” then do that! Children are inherently nosy and love a spying game, so it’s almost TOO EASY!Mom holding child, view from behind

Moms are easy to please. We love our families fiercely and want them happy and healthy. Period. Everything else is truly a bonus. Mothers put our hearts and souls into our kids and our spouses, and we often neglect ourselves. So bring on the handmade cards, macaroni necklaces and breakfast in bed. Experiencing a Mother’s Day that show our families love and appreciate us back is all Moms REALLY want!

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Laura Prewitt, 40, is a proud native of Birmingham, having lived here all life with the exception of college at Florida State University in Tallahassee, and a semester abroad in Spain. After graduating in 2004, she moved back to attend UAB, receiving a Masters in Communication Management. Laura has worked in fields ranging from service industry and event planning, to waste management and business development/marketing for a local startup company specializing in custom software development. She is currently a full time SAHM but does take on the occasional freelance marketing project, and is excited for the opportunity to write and share with other parents. Laura has been married to Michael, a senior financial advisor for Merrill Lynch, since 2012. They have one son, Tristan (5) and are expecting a second son in September 2022. In her *limited* spare time Laura loves cooking (also eating!), watching sports (mostly football), travelling, reading, going to concerts, writing, volunteering and experiencing all the fun things Birmingham has to offer!


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