Stocking Stuffer Ideas from our Favorite Dentist Mom!


Birmingham Mom Collective loves Dr. Quyen Ying of Liberty Park Children’s Dentistry! Not only is she a fabulous pediatric dentist, she’s also a mom who knows how to buy great stocking stuffers for her kids.

Follow along as Dr. Ying gives us her favorite things list for the holidays:


  1. Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup–This sippy cup features a dentist-recommended spoutless design . . . it’s genius!
  2. Frida Baby three-sided toothbrush–The special design hugs teeth and cleans all sides at once–and quickly! Anyone with a toddler knows just how important quick, efficient brushing is!
  3. Senso Minds hollow silicone teething tubes–These feature great sensory textures for little fingers and tender gums, plus they’re made of food grade silicone and free of any toxins!  

School Age Kids

  1. GumChucks–Dr. Ying’s sons love these flossing nunchucks (I mean, who wouldn’t?! They sound amazing)! They’re reusable, and bonus–they reach far back to those hard-to-reach molars.
  2. Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrushes–These have an easy-to-hold design and feature different speed settings. They even have bluetooth capability that guides kids where to brush next. And if that’s not enough, Sonicare even has an app where kids can create their own avatar and earn prizes and stickers for it after brushing!
  3. Fun-flavored toothpaste–Dr. Ying recommends both Tanner’s Tastypaste (they have fun flavors such as Cha Cha Chocolate and Vanilla Bling) and Hello Natural Toothpaste, which has yummy flavors and comes in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated varieties.


  1. Cocofloss–This Hawaiian-made, vegan and cruelty-free floss features fun flavors, they smell amazing, plus they really work. Dr. Ying remarked how clean her teeth feel after she uses these.
  2. Fresh Breath mouthwash by Oxyfresh–This innovative mouthwash is alcohol and fluoride free, and it really does reduce mouth odors caused by food. It’s perfect for teens who are suddenly worried about their breath!
  3. Stainless steel tongue scrapers–Dr. Ying recommends u-shaped tongue scrapers like this one. Stainless steel doesn’t harbor bacteria, and they are reusable.
  4. Sugar free gum–any sugar free gum brand is great. It’s portable and easy to use in between brushing.
  5. Lanolips lip gloss–This brand is great because it protects winter-chapped lips with lanolin, shea butter, and Vitamin E.

Forget the kids’ stocking stuffers, I want a lot of these for myself! Who’s with me?! 

Even though it’s the holidays and Dr. Ying wants everyone to enjoy a treat or two, remember to keep up your brushing and flossing habits while the kids are out of school! Just because the school routine has changed for a few weeks, good dental habits don’t go on vacation!

This post is in partnership with Liberty Park Children's Dentistry. We love working with Dr. Ying and her team!


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