A Special Father’s Day Salute to the Single Mothers


Father's Day Salute to the Single MomFather’s Day is not a celebrated holiday for most single mothers. There are more than enough absent fathers who have no regard for the lives of their children or consideration to help the mother of their children. As a single mom, I understand that Father’s Day is just another day. We celebrate our fathers and grandfathers, but the celebration comes to a halt when the father of our children is mentioned. I can admit that when my ex-husband and I separated, I was adamant that I would not do anything special for him. I was angry and bitter, and I could not understand the circumstances that had caused me to be a single mother.

So, this year I thought I would be creative and add a little spice to this Father’s Day celebration … recognizing the single mothers! Yes, you! You are doing the job of Mommy and Daddy, and you deserve a special celebration for your hard work and the unwavering love you continuously give to your child(ren). As Father’s Day approaches, I want to bless you with a poem because you are among the strongest group of women I know. On Sunday, June 18th, and every day, I am cheering you on! Be blessed, and kudos to you for a job well done.

Father’s Day Salute to The Single Moms

First, understand that your beauty shines day in and day out. You are an intelligent woman. You are

Always sacrificing for your child(ren). You continue to

Teach them to love and respect others. I

Hope you know you are doing a fantastic job as Mom.

Even though it may seem hard at times, you have the strength and courage from God.

Right in the midst of adversity, you still hold your head high and continue to

Strive and be that special woman inside.

Don’t settle for mediocrity, but continue to dream

And let your children see your beauty and strength. Because

You are truly a woman to be honored and praised.

CaMi B. was born and raised on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. She is the mother to two beautiful, sassy, and sometimes rumbustious girls, Morgan and Meagan. She enjoys working at a local college full-time and pursuing her dreams of obtaining a degree in Collaborative Education.

Aside from work and school, CaMi enjoys spending time with her daughters and family, attending and serving at church, and embarking on this new journey of motherhood. Her goal is to minister to single mothers and inspire them to pursue their dreams. She enjoys inspiring and encouraging others. Her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:19, “And my God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


  1. Very nice article and well said! Too many single moms having to do it on their own, sometimes with not only no help or support, but also those dealing with their ex’s or child’s fathers that actually hender or make it harder by continually trying to run interference from their own selfiness without regards to their child or child well being!
    Thx for the thought and inspiration for those struggling thru this!!

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