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One of my favorite holidays is Easter! I love to celebrate the resurrection with my family, and my heart is to see that my children don’t get lost in the midst of the chaos that holidays sometimes bring.  You may think, “My children getting lost? Isn’t it all about them? The new clothes, egg hunts, parties, Easter baskets, and the activities are all about them.” It is true, we do a lot of good and fun things for them during the holidays. What I mean is that my heart is to make sure they are included in the important things of the celebration, and that they are shown the glory and beauty of Jesus’ death and resurrection. 

I am not at all against the many fun things of Easter. I honestly enjoy all of the activities with my three and one year olds! But my desire is to use every opportunity during those activities to relate it back to Jesus. 

A couple of weeks ago I was on Facebook and I saw the light-up Easter egg hunts being shared by my friends. You may have seen them too; they are very popular this year. I watched the video of little kids running around their back yard at night searching for glowing Easter eggs and I thought,

“They are seeking the light in the darkness!” 

And isn’t that what Easter is about? Jesus came into the world and brought light to the darkness. When I first saw the light-up egg I knew there was a great opportunity to create an easy and relevant object lesson that we could incorporate into our Easter week activities. I changed up the eggs by adding a cross to each one to symbolize that Jesus is the Light and the Life in the darkness. I’ve put together an easy tutorial on how to make light up eggs and included a couple ideas for a Seek-the-Light egg hunt. 

Tutorial: Light-Up Cross Eggs


  • Medium or Large plastic Easter Eggs
  • Flameless tea light candles
  • Card-stock
  • Glue

Easter light-up egg hunt supplies and directions

Start by drawing a simple cross on card-stock. The cross should be a little smaller than the top half of the egg. Next, cut out the cross and hot glue it inside the top half of the egg. Position the cross so the bottom touches the bottom rim of the top half of the egg. Lastly, add a tea light to the egg and it’s ready to go! Simple, right?

By day these are normal Easter eggs but by night they are a new glowing basket of fun!  

Easter light-up egg hunt eggs by day and by night

The Hunt: Seek the Light

My children are still very young, but my prayer every day for them is that they will “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). I want the Seek-the-Light egg hunt to be a fun, interactive way to show them that seeking the light means seeking after Jesus, and that it isn’t a passive thing but an active and conscious choice you make each day of your life. I also want them to see that when you walk with Jesus you will never be in darkness. 

Set up

Hide the eggs in a dark room or in the backyard at night. Remember, this should be a fun but safe activity so make sure there is nothing in the way for them to trip on while they hunt. A clear area is best. When the eggs are all set and ready to go, give each child a basket and open the door to the area and simply say,

 To find the prize you need to seek the light.” 

Easter Light-up egg


When you open the door they will see the shining eggs in the yard or room. Help your children to go and gather the eggs. As you come to the first egg, ask them what they see shining through the light.

When they recognize the image of the cross, remind them that when you seek the light you find the cross of Jesus. 

When all the eggs have been collected, hold out a glowing egg and remind them that the cross represents Jesus, that Jesus is the light of life, and that when we follow Him we will never be in darkness. Just as we searched for each egg and hid them in our baskets, we are to seek after Jesus each day and hide the truth of His Word in our hearts. You can even help them to memorize John 8:12, which says:

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. 

Easter light-up eggs glowing in dark

A Song: You are the Light 

I love to have an age-appropriate song for every occasion, and I thought You are the Light of My Soul by The Donut Man would continue perfectly with our Seek-the-Light egg hunt. You can find this song on iTunes: You are the Light of My Soul  

You could also finish the egg hunt by holding onto your light-up cross eggs and singing This Little Light of Mine. Actually holding onto a light will make the songs more fun, give more meaning, and will hopefully make a lasting impression and memory. 

Continuing the Fun

I hope you enjoyed this Seek-the-Light egg hunt tutorial! Do you have any ideas to add? Please comment below; I’d love to hear them. I will be doing several other Easter activities with my kids in the next week. Follow me on Instagram for more toddler-inspired Easter projects, lessons, songs, and more. 

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Rebekah McKee is a Florida girl who married an Alabama boy and set up a home in Calera. She has been wife to Landon for 5 years and spends her days as a stay-at-home mom to her two little, adventurous boys, Graham (3) and Caleb (1). She aspires to be a super-mom and is finding that much harder than originally planned; secretly, she feels like keeping two toddler boys alive, and relatively happy, makes her one. Rebekah was once an elementary school teacher and hopes to continue teaching by homeschooling her children. Her favorite days are the simple ones spent at home with her tribe of toddlers; reading books, singing songs, playing outside, and doing simple preschool activities. She loves all holidays and desires to make them all memorable. Most importantly, she strives to share her love for God's Word and teach it to her children in all that they do together. 


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