Merry Christmas, Mommas. You Are Going To Miss This.


It’s here. It got here quickly. Too quickly. The first Christmas without the hunt for the current toy trend or must-have, hard-to-find makeup palette. Not even endless whines and bargaining for an electronic device upgrade. No telling myself to just charge it and pay it off when the bill comes . . . knowing that I never will.

This year there will be no assembly required. No cramping, getting up off the floor looking for that Allen wrench. I won’t have to scramble for batteries or charge them. Not feeling the pressure to come up with post-worthy antics for those (expletive), I mean adorable, elves.

No begging them to so Santa can come or mumbling bad words under my breath trying to liberate a toy from its packaging. There will be no struggle to drag a plastic Jeep up the stairs while they sleep.

Now that our kids are older and this Santa’s helper’s job is done much earlier than in years past, I find myself glancing out the window late at night on Christmas Eve. Looking for those homes with little ones with one light still on. Knowing they are still wrapped up in the chaos of creating Christmas morning magic.

Take a deep breath. Take a break from that “to do” list and enjoy. Enjoy it all. Every loud, messy, chaotic moment of trying to make everything perfect. Perfect or not, you’re making memories to cherish. Merry Christmas, Mommas. You are going to miss this.

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Cathy Tuggle Maple was born in Birmingham and grew up in Forestdale. After graduating from the University of Alabama her heart told her Mt. Olive is home. There she resides with her husband of 17 years Tony, son Cory Davis 20, a student at UAB , daughters Molly, 15 and Jesilyn, 14 and rescue dogs Brody and Bailey. After a 15 year career in marketing Cathy considers it a blessing to have experienced being a single mom, a working mom and now a stay at home mom ( since Molly, born with Down syndrome is a runner who is inclined to escape, jump out windows etc.) One of her favorite quotes “You can have it all, just not all at the same time.” Cathy is an 8 year breast cancer survivor. She very recently lost her father unexpectedly and days later moved her Mom, who has Alzheimer’s, into assisted living. Cathy balances it all through her faith, chocolate, yoga, and by sharing her life experiences and hopefully a few laughs