Jack Baskets :: Making Magical Moments


Magical Childhood

The magic of childhood only lasts for so long, so I want to make the most of it. When we see mushrooms, my children look for fairy homes and villages. (These mythical creatures come visit them when big life events happen.) During the holidays, we really focus on the spirit of giving and joy, but it is also fun to throw in some magic.

October kicks off the holiday season, and I have been doing “Jack Baskets” since my oldest was a baby. Sometimes I think my kids are more excited about this than Santa Claus!

‘Twas the Night Before October

On September 30th (you could really do this any time before Halloween though!) we always watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Afterwards, Jack Skellington visits in the night and leaves Jack Baskets. These aren’t huge gifts or really even anything very exciting, but my kids love them all the same. Some ideas for these baskets are Halloween books (I love vintage+inclusive books), Play-Doh, stuffies, art supplies, toothpaste, bandiads, bubble bath, our favorite Disney candles, matching Halloween PJ’s, and matching t-shirts or sweatshirts. (My friend Alex made the adorable pumpkin Mickey shirts this year and I am obsessed. Check out her Instagram @ce.creations_)

Jack BasketsMagical Moments

Jack Baskets really kick off the holiday season in our house. During October we will watch every kid-friendly Halloween movie, visit the pumpkin patch, put out all the spooky decorations, eat all the pumpkin spice treats, and carve our jack-o-lanterns. Then, on November first, we are ready to move on to the next holiday!


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