How to Host an Amazing Super Bowl Party


Here in the South, football is King. College football. As sad as it makes us that the college season is over, we can take solace in the fact that professional football is still in season. And, now is the time to make plans for this year’s Super Bowl!

Watch parties are a great excuse to get together with friends and family! Whether you are a super fan or only tune in for the commercials, you can always find a way to have a good time! 


It’s not a party unless you have people, so invitations are a must. Whether you mail a paper invitation or send one online, it doesn’t really matter! Do whatever is easiest for you and your guests. Oftentimes you receive a better guest count if they are able to RSVP with a click rather than having to call or text. Keep count of your guests, so you make sure to have enough seating, plates, napkins, and cups!

Set the Scene

Decorations and details will take your watch party to the next level! Rather than basing your décor on the teams playing in the big game, choose a general football theme and then you can use it again! To welcome guests, use AstroTurf and white tape to roll out the Green Carpet! Use green craft paper, adding lines and numbers, for the food table. Paint mason jars as footballs, referees, football field, and game plan chalkboards. These jars can hold anything from utensils to straws. Look on Etsy to find food labels, water bottle wraps and tons of other cute paper products. Finally, buy paper plates, napkins, and disposable cups to go with the theme. You won’t worry about anything getting broken, and clean up will be a breeze!

Food & Drink 

If your friends are like mine, most of your guests will B.Y.O.B. However, it’s always nice to have some extras on hand, especially water, mixers, and lemons/limes. Set out a good knife and a cutting board next to your cups and ice bucket and allow your guests to help themselves!

If you are feeling extra motivated, try serving a signature cocktail! Choose a recipe that you can make and serve in a pitcher so you don’t spend the entire game making drinks! Check out these winter sangria recipes for something different and fun!

Choose your menu and keep it simple! Food bars are super easy and can be prepared ahead of time. Set up a nacho, baked potato, or chili bar — everything can be made before your guests arrive, so you can enjoy the party and not be stuck in the kitchen the entire time. If guests offer to bring food, ask them to bring a topping or two to add to the food bar. For example, if you decide to serve nachos, you can supply the chips and several different types of meat. Guests can bring different toppings like queso, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and green onions.  

Game On

Kickoff is at 5:30 p.m. and the pregame activities are always fun to watch! If you’re not into the actual game, make a game out of the game! Check out Pinterest for Super Bowl bingo! There are cards involving things that happen in the game, like pass interference, delay of game, and false start. There’s also commercial bingo, with squares for companies, products, and celebrities. Use small candy or pennies as markers and play several rounds throughout the game!

If there will be children at the party and the weather is nice, set up some games and activities outside. Sidewalk chalk, corn hole, and darts are always fun! Remember to grab some prizes for the winners — items that are edible, like candy, are always a good idea and can double as dessert! 

What are you most looking forward to seeing this year — the game, the commercials, or Justin Timberlake?