Celebrating National Ice Cream Day

Celebrating National Ice Cream Day
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It’s one of our favorite days of the year — National Ice Cream Day!

Now, I completely have to be honest, I have been eating a little extra ice cream during this crazy time, but I will take any excuse to not have to sneak it and eat a little extra while no one else is watching.

Favorite Places

This momma loves a good, old-fashioned ice cream shop. I will never forget bringing home baby #2 and feeling guilty about not spending as much time with baby #1. Where did she want to go while Mimi watched the baby? Straight to Mountain Brook Creamery, a sweet locally owned shop that loves kids and was her favorite.

Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe is “practically perfect in every way,” to quote Mary Poppins. A sweet family that loves other families and their community. What is not to love when you mix ice cream, families, and community?

And, of course, when restaurants started opening back up, where did baby #4 want to go?Bendy’s! Another precious family who loves their community. (Do we see a theme here?) He walked in and ordered, used his manners, and wanted to take a little extra home to the others.

Our quick, drive-thru treat is always Bruster’s. When someone is having a hard day and you are still in your pajamas at 3:00 p.m. — Bruster’s makes it easy!

*No sponsorships — just a momma’s opinion.

Favorite Ways to Eat It

I suppose if we were honest, we do not have a favorite way to eat ice cream — we just want to eat it. Sometimes we eat it after all the kids have gone to bed, and it used to be in little plastic containers at a very loud birthday party.

During quarantine I have started buying plain ice cream cones again. Simple ice cream and simple cones were perfect when nothing else was. Of course, making ice cream sundaes is a popular pastime. If you want to be the COOL mom, set up an ice cream sundae bar and let the kiddos have at it. A little chocolate syrup, some sprinkles, and of course some whipped cream is always special for kiddos of ALL ages. You can even go a little crazy and add gummi bears, caramel, and don’t forget the cherry on top. If you ask my husband and baby #3, they will say to throw some on top of a warm brownie and that is always a crowd pleaser.

Make National Ice Cream Day special with fancy waffle and sugar cones!
Photo courtesy of Spark & Arrow Photography

Now, if I had to pick only one way to eat ice cream for the rest of my life, it would involve a phone call to my in-laws. They make the BEST homemade ice cream and add Chilton County peaches — find the recipe below! This cannot be topped, and you will never convince this family otherwise.

What are your favorite ways to eat ice cream?

Make National Ice Cream Day special with sprinkles!
Photo courtesy of Spark & Arrow Photography

Favorite Ways to Celebrate

What is your favorite way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

Maybe surprising your family with an ice cream dessert — ice cream pie or ice cream cake.  It may just be a simple dose of ice cream.

Now, if you have extra time on your hands you could always have an ice cream taste test! You can put out different brands and/or flavors and let the kiddos test which ones they like best. (If you put my in-laws’ ice cream in your test, it would definitely win!) Sample cups and plastic spoons can be found at your local store, and you can even print out voting sheets. Let us know your results!

But, what really is the best way to celebrate? Celebrate with your family!

My In-Laws’ Recipe

(using a HEAVY pot)

CREAM together: 3 cups sugar, 1 TBSP flour and 5 eggs

ADD 1/2 gallon of milk and cook until “thick” (must stir frequently)

TIP: “Start on HIGH heat until bubbles begin to form around the edges, then I come to a gentle boil . . . the consistency is about like buttermilk.”

ADD 1 large can evaporated milk and 2 TSP vanilla

Can also ADD mashed peaches or bananas

POUR into freezer and crank away! **Leftovers freeze perfectly


Find other delicious homemade ice cream recipes here!

For a sweet frozen treat, try one of these Birmingham favorites!

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