8 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays While Social Distancing


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” in the words of an old Christmas song. Due to the recent pandemic, families are deciding to not have large gatherings and most holiday parties are virtual. For all of us, this is the first socially distanced Christmas. While Christmas will look a little different this year, you and your family can still bring out the holiday cheer by creating some holiday family activities to remember. Here are eight fun activities to do while social distancing during the holidays.

8 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays While Social Distancing

Create a family video or Christmas card.

The traditional Christmas card is great, but creating a special Christmas card with photos of you and your family to send to others would be sentimental. If you would like to really create a feeling of being in the presence of your family, create a short family video capturing you and your family doing some Christmas decorating and sharing a holiday message.

Take a stroll to look at Christmas lights.

This is a perfect activity to do outside of the house while still social distancing. Most of us travel during the holidays but traveling is limited. Take a ride or walk looking at Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Also, head over to a few other neighborhoods to check out their lights. This will help you from feeling cooped up inside so much during the holidays. 

Have a Christmas movie marathon.

There is nothing like snuggling up during the holidays and watching Christmas movies. Take a little time for you and your family to make a list of 5-10 movies and binge-watch over a few days. 

Donate to a family or child.

Giving back during the holidays is a great way to help families in need. This year is more special than usual to donate due to so many families not working due to the recent pandemic.

Host a dessert decoration challenge.

Desserts are a favorite around the holidays. Baking is a fun activity to do with your family. However, make it into a challenge and let each family member (or team up, especially for smaller children) come up with a special sweet treat you would like to make. 

Create a Christmas music playlist.

Music always makes us feel good and since this Christmas will be unlike any other for most of us, we need good positive vibes. Sit down with your family and ask everyone to come up with two or three songs to create a playlist, and play it every day during the week of Christmas. This will be sure to get the family out of a funk. 

Make a special 2020 ornament.

Christmas 2020 is going to be one we will never forget. Therefore, make an ornament based on a special memory from this year. This will surely be a part of the Christmas decorations for many years.  

Host a virtual game night.

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If you are social distancing this Christmas season, how are you making special memories with your family?
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