Walking All the Worries Away :: Our COVID-19 Stress-Relief


My husband and I have been taking our twins on frequent walks in our double jogging stroller during this time of social distancing. Since there have been many pretty days recently, it is hard to resist going outside at some point. Aside from the obvious exercise, we also get to see our little bit of the world!

Finding New Places

We have been finding places we didn’t previously know existed when going on our walks. Buck Creek Trail is walking distance from our house. We didn’t even know it was there until very recently!

covid-19 stress relief - nature babies
June and Elle on Buck Creek Trail

We don’t often encounter other people on the trail, which makes it easy to maintain social distance. Buck Creek Trail is very well-maintained and easy to trek with our jogging stroller. There is also plenty of shade, so we don’t overheat too easily. When we walk from our house to the end of the trail and back, we go nearly four miles!

Another newer trail in our area is Shoal Creek Park in Montevallo, about fifteen minutes from where we live. There are several long connecting trails that go out in fields as well as in woods with plenty of shade. It is also easy to trek through with our jogging stroller.

Wherever you are in the Birmingham area, great hiking trails are not far off.

What to Pack (and Not Pack)

Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on several factors, but this is a short list of what we take along on our long walks:


This should be fairly obvious. Hydration is definitely a must when the weather starts warming up. I put some ice water in sippy cups for my twins. I also have reusable water bottles for my husband and me.

Hats and Sunglasses

This will help ease the intensity of the sun when it is bright outside. It is easy to choose hats and sunglasses for adults, but it is easier said than done for the smaller members of the family!

Hoodies and Blankets

Obviously, this is only if it is on the cooler end outside. We usually have these packed away to grab at a moment’s notice, but we occasionally put them on the babies.

covid-19 stress relief - bundled up babies
Elle and June on a neighborhood walk


Personally, I burn very easily. I prefer to avoid getting sunburned if at all possible. These days, it’s easy to have a false sense of security, especially during some of the cooler days. Sunscreen is a must for me and the babies!

What We Leave at Home

I typically don’t pack diapers or food when we go on shorter walks around our neighborhood. Whenever possible, we try to time walking immediately after eating or diaper changes. Besides, if something were to happen on a shorter walk, we aren’t far from home. It’s not like we’d be able to do a diaper change on the side of the road anyway!

covid-19 stress relief
Elle and June at Shoal Creek Park

The New Normal

Life during social distancing is a new concept for many of us. Life as we knew it is flipped upside down with no date in sight for the old normal. Many people who have previously had jobs now have to stay home and have no idea when the next paycheck is coming.

Parents are now having to homeschool their children after Alabama public schools closed for the rest of the school year. Life is very uncertain these days, but we can make the most of it if we find our own unique way to relieve the stress. Enjoying outdoor family strolls is our favorite stress-reliever right now.

What are your go-to stress-relievers these days? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Kristina is an Alabama native who came to Birmingham in 2005 for college (has it really been 15 years?!). She had lived in Muscle Shoals her whole life up until that point. After graduating from UAB in 2009 with a degree in journalism and a minor in music, she married Paul in 2011. Paul has worked in the tech industry since 2009. Kristina has had several jobs in the area - everything from banking, veterinary medicine and receptionist. She most recently worked from home as low-level tech support. Kristina and Paul had the biggest surprise of their lives when they went in for the first 8-week ultrasound and found out that they were expecting "spontaneous" twins! Everything was going to change already, but they had to multiply it by two! Two girls, Elle and June, were born in July 2019 and nothing has been the same since. Kristina is now a stay-at-home mom to Elle and June and it has been the most rewarding job of all! Kristina, Paul, Elle and June make home in Alabaster, where you can usually find them on the weekends. They like going around to the things in the area, such as shopping and going on walks in the park. The babies are famous - neither Kristina or Paul can go anywhere alone without people asking about the twins!