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It’s no secret that we love Bates Orthodontics! With locations in Birmingham and Jasper, Bates Orthodontics offers exceptional, personalized care to patients of all ages. Not only do they excel in orthodontic care, but husband-and-wife team William and Kathryn Bates, along with their beloved dog Roux, go above and beyond to make every patient feel at home. From the modern, sophisticated decor to the friendly staff to the life-changing results, it’s no wonder why patients choose Bates. Don’t just take it from us, though! Read on to hear feedback quoted directly from current patients on their experience. 

What Concerns Does Bates Orthodontics Address?

My child’s dentist recommended that we seek orthodontic treatment due to teeth crowding and an underbite.

I had braces growing up but didn’t wear my retainers, so I wanted to straighten my teeth.

My child was having trouble with thumb sucking, and it was causing his teeth and palate to shift.

I had previously had Invisalign in middle school, and by the time I was in college I was unhappy with my results. I was self conscious about the crookedness of my teeth and wanted to perfect them.

I was self conscious about how crooked my teeth were, and I was tired of having food stuck in my teeth.

We were seeking orthodontic treatment to help my son feel more confident with his smile after having a early childhood habit of thumb sucking.

What Should You Expect When You Visit?

During my first appointment at Bates Orthodontics, I was so impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of Dr. Bates, Dr. Kathryn, and their staff. They treated me as if they had known me for years and discussed my needs and requests in depth, making sure to explain everything in detail. They curated the perfect treatment plan for me and made me feel very comfortable and confident in their care, knowing that I had a personalized plan tailored to everything I needed.

My daughter was nervous at her first appointment because she didn’t know what to expect. The Bates Team immediately put her at ease and she loves going there now! Her favorite part of the office is being greeted by their office dog, Roux! But as the mom, I appreciate the honest communication and friendliness of the office.

Both Dr. Kathryn Bates and Dr. Will Bates took so much time explaining the best options for treatment to not only me, but also my daughter. They took the time to show her all the equipment they were using and how it worked, answered all of my daughter’s questions (and she had a lot!), and even showed her all of the x-rays and pictures and explained everything in them. They made both of us feel so at ease and welcome!

What Sets Bates Orthodontics Apart?

I cannot say enough good things about the team at Bates Orthodontics! From the moment you walk in the door Dr. Bates, Kathryn, Tori and the entire staff do everything to make you comfortable and feel at home with them. They are always kind and friendly and go above and beyond to make sure their patients feel like family.

Very beautiful office!!! Also noticed the technology that Dr. Bates had incorporated into his practice…I knew I was in good hands!

I’ve never been a patient of an office that is so individualized and shows the personality and background of my provider. Bates Orthodontics is unique in the way it shows off Dr. Bates’s exceptional education, sports teams, music taste, and love of Birmingham. As my provider, I greatly appreciate this individualized touch and am able to get a better sense of who is providing my care. Additionally, I appreciate the updated social media content and patient engagement through raffles and other unique ideas. Because of these reasons, I feel very comfortable and familiar when I visit for my appointments which is so important to me! 

You all were just so friendly and welcoming. I have to admit being an older adult seeking orthodontic treatment was a little scary. All of my fears and anxiety were quickly put to ease after the first appointment.

It is nothing like the orthodontist I grew up going to. From the Birmingham brick wall, to the plants from Botanica, the consultation chair, concert posters from their travels and even the seats from the BJCC. There are pieces woven all throughout their office that show just how much they care for and love the Birmingham community.

What Are People Saying About Their Results?

I am not afraid to smile with teeth! I am more confident, it is easier to floss and clean my teeth, and my gum health has improved.

As a parent, I was glad to be referred to an orthodontist as early as we were to help correct my child’s issues. While she was not currently having active problems, her issues would have affected her later in life and been harder to correct had we waited until she was older. I am glad to know that Dr. Bates has a plan for treatment that we will follow for the next few years.

Where do I even start! Bates Orthodontics has changed my life in a number of ways. I have never had the confidence with my smile that I have now and I find myself smiling so much more. I’m proud to show it off and see it as one of my favorite things about myself now! I no longer have the anxiety that came with having crooked teeth and the pain and discomfort from chewing/eating is gone. I love to brag on Dr. Bates and show everyone I can the before and after pictures of my teeth. The difference still feels unbelievable to me, and it is all thanks to the team at Bates Orthodontics!

My child no longer sucks his thumb!!!! For an 8 year old, that’s pretty important and a hard habit to break. My child felt so comfortable, and I knew that he was in good hands. When a child asks to go and see the orthodontist, you know they are doing something right!!

My son feels way more confident with his smile and even talks more in larger group settings.

Is Bates Orthodontics Right For You?

As you can tell, Bates Orthodontics gets rave reviews from children and adults alike. While each patient’s concerns vary, their experiences are similar. The friendly environment, clear communication, and positive results leave everyone glad they chose to seek orthodontic care from this office. Could Bates Orthodontics be right for you? If you’re seeking a place where you feel welcomed when you arrive and more comfortable and confident when you leave, then you’ve surely found the right one.

This testimonial was put together in partnership with Bates Orthodontics. This is sponsored content.


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