Talking Teeth at Shades Creek Dental

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Not Your Average Dentist

Dentist. The mere mention of that word conjures up frightening images – blinding overhead lights, noisy drills, long needles filled with numbing medication that never numbs, and cringe-worthy pain. Many of us have not-so-fun memories of our trips to see the dentist. Yet, this visit was decidedly different. To be fair, I was not at Shades Creek Dental in Homewood, Alabama, for my routine cleaning or a dental procedure. Instead, Dr. MacBeth and his friendly staff graciously hosted a social gathering of 2019 for the Birmingham Moms Blog Contributors, both new and seasoned. I clutched my proverbial pearls as I strolled in the office. 

Erin, Tawanna, and me at the Shades Creek Dental office main area.

“Wow!” Nice digs!” This was my first thought. Custom artwork dappled in metallic gold, silver, blues, and porcelain hues adorned the peacock blue walls. The background music tickled my ear drums, the notes funky yet inviting. Chocolate wood tones added another layer of warmth and comfort. Each of these elements curate an entire experience for the patient, and every mom in attendance was intrigued. Shades Creek Dental is not stuffy or scary but delightful on an entirely different level. Moms mixed and mingled with the staff and each other, sipping and tasting while engaged in lighthearted conversation. 

A few BMB contributors with Dr. MacBeth mingling.

Tech Savvy and Comprehensive in Scope

After the mixing and mingling, Dr. Macbeth took us on a tour of his office. With limited dentistry knowledge, I clearly lack full appreciation for all the equipment that Dr. MacBeth has purchased for use in his practice. However, what I did see is SO COOL! Thankfully, I have had very little work on my teeth outside of twice-yearly cleanings and some fillings, but if I ever need a crown or other work done then Shades Creek Dental is the place to do it. He has state of the art technology including a specialized wand he termed “the selfie stick for your mouth” which he uses to scan every tooth in your mouth and a 3-D printer to make his own materials in house.

Dr. MacBeth checking out Leahs teeth!

His commitment to maintaining excellent oral health is on display not just through his tech savvy equipment but also in the scope of services he provides. He told the Birmingham Moms Blog members that the initial appointment for new patients may last up to two hours because he wants to provide a comprehensive evaluation that thoroughly evaluates your teeth and gums, your concerns, and his findings during the examination. At this office. Dr. MacBeth provides restorative dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental care for the whole family.

Getting the Dental “Lowdown”

We concluded the evening with an “Ask the dentist” question and answer session.  From teeth whitening, to foods to avoid, to flossing, to pregnancy gingivitis, we covered it all. It was here that we were truly able to witness the breadth of Dr. MacBeth’s dental knowledge and his upbeat personality as he infused his responses with humor and honesty. The one point he emphasized which stuck with me is that his practice is a “judgement-free zone.” He recognizes that dental insurance isn’t as well-covered as medical insurance and that some may have missed a few or many cleanings, yet he only wants to take care of our mouths without the shame and the judgment. I totally dig that. So, here’s some of what I learned that night. Teeth whitening products are either chemical like gels and whitening strips or mechanical like the charcoal toothpaste craze. He noted that mechanical whiteners are often highly abrasive and can strip the enamel off the surface of your teeth.  We discussed pregnancy gingivitis, a condition that affects the gums of pregnant women and how gum massages using mint-flavored toothpaste are very soothing because of mint’s anti-inflammatory properties. When I asked about flossing, he slyly responded, “You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep.” With that, my commitment to flossing was renewed! 

If you are searching for a new dentist, a judgment-free space with a kind dentist and staff, state of the art equipment, and aesthetically pleasing décor, look no further. Dr. MacBeth and his amazing staff at Shades Creek Dental in Homewood, Alabama should be your first and final stop! Enjoy our Q & A with Dr. MacBeth below!

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