Spreading Joy With a Smile :: Introducing Law Orthodontics


Birmingham Mom Collective is proud to introduce our favorite new local mom entrepreneur: Dr. Maggie Law of Law Orthodontics in Homewood!

Meet Dr. Maggie Law of Law Orthodontics!

Maggie knew she wanted to be an orthodontist ever since she was a fifteen year old in braces in the Atlanta suburb of Woodstock, Georgia! After seeing the difference orthodontic work made in her own smile, she knew she’d found her calling.

After getting her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, she moved to Birmingham to start dental school at the UAB School of Dentistry. She met her future husband while in her first year of dental school, and their first meeting is something out of a romantic movie! Her husband was in his second year of medical school at UAB, but both found the third floor of Samford University’s library to be extra spacious and quiet. They struck up a conversation, and the rest, as they say, is history! Her husband is a radiologist, and they now have two beautiful children together: a two year old son and a seven month old daughter!

Dr. Law with her husband, son, and baby daughter

Even a Pandemic Couldn’t Stop Her!

Maggie knew she always wanted to run her own orthodontics practice and took a leap of faith finally opening it on March 2, 2020. Two weeks later, as we all remember, the entire world shut down. Since her business was deemed essential, she was allowed to reopen in May. During those months the office was closed, not only did she revamp her marketing strategy by jumping on Instagram to meet new patients, she became pregnant with her daughter!

After reopening in May 2020, she hasn’t looked back. Maggie has always been a high energy go-getter, and even the pandemic couldn’t keep her down!

What Sets Law Orthodontics Apart

Maggie’s office is sleek, modern, and as she likes to put it: “busy-mom-friendly!” And it’s true! Her entire office is paperless. New patient exams (which are complementary, by the way) can be requested online. All necessary forms can be filled out online, then submitted. 

The office itself is all digital, too–even impressions! Moms, do you remember the “olden days” where were all wore trays filled with goop to take impressions before getting braces? Well, gone are those days at Law Orthodontics!

Maggie runs her office using the motto, “Spreading joy with a smile!” The office is upbeat and joyful, and features beautiful artwork by Ashley McCuller to give the perfect aesthetic. Maggie says her office’s core values are hospitality, gratitude, excellence, and cutting-edge technology. She loves what she does, and it shows.

The Law Orthodontics office featuring Ashley McCuller’s gorgeous artwork!

An Orthodontist for All Ages

Law Orthodontists treats patients of all ages: children, tweens, teens, and adults. Maggie is a specialist in clear aligners and Invisalign. Did you know some kids are great candidates for Invisalign, too? 

Maggie is personable, she really takes the time to explain treatments and concerns with her patients, and wants to make sure all ages are comfortable in her office. 

Dr. Maggie Law: spreading joy with a smile!

What are you waiting for? Contact Law Orthodontics and set up your first appointment today. And be sure to tell them Birmingham Mom Collective sent you!




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