LUXE at Skin Wellness Center and Why We Recommend It

This post is sponsored by our partners at Skin Wellness Center. The recommendations are 100% our own, and we never point our audience towards a business we don't like and trust.

LUXE at Skin Wellness Center provides clients with discounted rates, excellent results through frequent visits, and great relationships with the providers.

It’s no secret that we at Birmingham Moms Blog are huge fans of Skin Wellness Center. Dr. Hartman and his team are not only experts in their fields, but they are also a whole lot of fun! (Just ask our contributors who attended a private event at the office or our Mummies’ Night Out attendees who enjoyed seeing Dr. Hartman as our costume contest judge!) Skin Wellness Center is one of those places where you have a great experience, and you can’t wait to come back. Well, come back you can! Monthly! If maximizing your skin’s potential is on your to-do list, giving Skin Wellness Center a call is step one. The team has the ultimate program for amazing results, and we get to tell you all about it!

The LUXE Membership Program is Skin Wellness Center’s solution for busy clients who want to remove the thinking and planning from the goal of great skin care. It’s a way to enjoy discounted rates, excellent results through regularly scheduled visits, and a great relationship with your providers.

LUXE at Skin Wellness Center

LUXE Membership Clients Save Money

As a thank you to their clients who choose monthly treatments under the LUXE Membership Program, Skin Wellness Center offers product and service discounts. This turns into a significant savings over time!

LUXE Membership Clients See the Best Results

The goal of any skincare regimen is to get the best results. Did you know that consistency makes a huge difference between better and best? By seeing the team at Skin Wellness Center on a regular schedule, your skin has the best chance to amaze you!

LUXE Membership Clients Build Relationships with Their Providers

One thing that sets Skin Wellness Center apart is their commitment to personalized treatment plans. Dr. Corey Hartman and his team work diligently to ensure clients are given the best treatments for their needs, and they avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. The relationships they build with their clients matter, and clients who come in with regularity get to know the team that much better!

How does a LUXE Membership work?

It’s so simple! Skin Wellness Center has the program broken down into levels, and clients may simply choose what fits their needs. Each level comes with a free aesthetic consultation (that’s a big deal!), and there are different services and discounts included. There are no hidden fees or taxes, just the investment shown under each level below, and it is billed on the same day monthly. The Skin Wellness Center team really did work to put together an ideal program for people who desire regular treatment, over an extended period of time, for the best results.

Level One

Your choice of one of the following services every month and 15% off all products:

20-minute facial
Very superficial peel
$70 per month
The membership runs until cancelled by the client.

Level Two

Your choice of one of the following services every month and 20% off all products:

Signature Hydrafacial
Superficial peel
(4) Blue light acne treatments
PicoSure Laser Rejuvenation
$130 per month
The membership runs until cancelled by the client.

Level Three

Your choice of one of the following services every month and 25% off all products:

Deluxe Hydrafacial
Clear + Brilliant
Medium-depth peel
Microneedling (One Area)
$200 per month
The membership runs until cancelled by the client.

‘Tis the Season

Can we be really honest? Shopping for us moms over the holidays is hard work. If taking excellent care of your skin is a goal heading into the new year, consider spelling out an ideal gift for those who will be shopping for you. It’s L-U-X-E, and the phone number to call is 205-871-7332. When you join LUXE at Skin Wellness Center, Dr. Hartman and his team will take great care of you while you enjoy the gift that truly does keep on giving.


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