Invisalign :: It’s Never Too Late to Get Those Teeth Straight!

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Deborah Sema at Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics, let me just tell you, you are missing out. She exudes the kind of joy people only possess when living out their passion and calling in life. It’s evident in the way she runs her practice, decorates her fabulously fun office, treats her staff, and listens to her patients.

Her number one goal is giving each patient the perfect smile.

The New Rite of Passage

In high school I suffered through metal braces, rubber bands, and retainers–the whole bit. But like many other adults my age, I lost that disgusting retainer years ago, and (gasp!) I noticed my teeth starting to shift. Suddenly I began noticing other moms about my age sporting Invisalign. It was sort of the new “rite of passage” for middle-aged moms!

I knew if I didn’t take care of my ever-increasing crooked smile now (before my own kids need braces), I would never do it. So, I made my first Invisalign appointment three years ago and never looked back!

Apparently my story is not uncommon at Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics. Dr. Sema estimates adult patients make up about 30% of her practice. Parents often decide to go through braces or Invisalign alongside their tweens, or like me–try to get it out of the way before having to pay for their children’s braces!

Dr. Sema says one positive with her adult patients is their compliance and commitment to the end goal. Think about it, how motivated were you as a teen to consistently wear your rubber bands or retainer? Not me. I wasn’t paying for it, and I couldn’t care about the future beyond my next chemistry test or team tryouts, much less care about keeping my teeth straight decades down the road. (Please don’t tell my mom!) But on the flip-side, most adults Dr. Sema treats want to be in and out of braces or Invisalign as quickly as possible and don’t want to waste their hard-earned money!

Braces or Invisalign?

Dr. Sema’s office offers Invisalign and ceramic or metal braces, and adults are divided right down the middle in terms of popularity. Some patients don’t want to deal with the commitment of Invisalign retainers and opt for traditional braces, while others lean toward the invisible look of Invisalign (like me).

Before coming in for your consultation, Dr. Sema recommends her patients see their dentist for a cleaning and any cavity-filling needs. She also encourages all her patients to continue seeing their dentist every three months if possible for the duration of their braces or Invisalign treatment.

At the initial visit, she can determine the time needed to meet your smile goals. If a patient decides to go with Invisalign, everything needed to get that started can be completed during that visit, too. The intraoral scan, 3-D x-rays, and photos are then sent off to Invisalign.

Once the Invisalign trays come in, patients begin the first series of treatment. Once that’s completed, Dr. Sema checks the progress before starting the second series of refinement aligners. After treatment is finished and the patient is satisfied, Dr. Sema offers permanent and removable retainer options to maintain that perfect new smile!

Payment Options

Many insurance companies offer discounts for orthodontia, so that is definitely worth taking a look. Additionally, Janet–Oxmoor Valley Orthodontics’ treatment coordinator–draws up individualized payment options. These include anything from discounts for payment in full to a down payment with interest-free monthly payments.

What are you waiting for? Dr. Sema is currently accepting new patients, so contact her office today to get started!