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This post is in partnership with Skin Wellness Center. We are so glad we get to introduce you to Dr. Hartman, and we know you'll like him just as much as we do!

One thing I love about helping run Birmingham Moms Blog is the way I get to know our partners. Birmingham is full of amazing businesses and inspiring entrepreneurs, and BMB has the privilege of connecting several of them with our audience in a unique way. In the case of Dr. Corey Hartman, when I say he’s not just an excellent dermatologist but a cool guy you’d want to get to know, I’m not joking. My recent interview with him felt much more like a chat with a very intelligent friend than a professional-ish interview, and isn’t that what you want when you’re looking for a doctor? Isn’t that just the type of relationship you seek when trusting someone with your health, your body, your skin? Birmingham Moms Blog community, I am so thrilled to help you get to know Dr. Corey Hartman, the founder and medical director of Skin Wellness Center.

To call Dr. Hartman a qualified dermatologist would be a massive understatement. Did you know cosmetic instruction for the UAB School of Medicine Department of Dermatology’s third-year residents comes directly from Dr. Hartman and Skin Wellness Center? When you hear his credentials, you’ll understand why.

Dr. Hartman attended Emory University on a prestigious heritage scholarship, granting him full tuition at this top-tier university. From there, he attended Meharry Medical College in Nashville where he earned his doctorate of medicine. His internal medicine internship was at Tulane University, and he completed his residency in dermatology at the University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham. There are a couple of very important things to note about Dr. Hartman’s residency at UAB. First of all, dermatology residencies are extremely competitive (UAB has a 100% board certification rate), and he was the only resident matched to UAB who did not attend medical school there. Secondly, Dr. Hartman was the first black resident in the history of the program when he arrived in 2006. 

When Dr. Hartman was in Birmingham for his residency, he lived in the apartments at the Summit. As he was walking in a building one day, out walked Erika, an acquaintance from his days at Meharry Medical College. You can guess what happened. A friendship grew, and then a relationship, and they’ll be married fourteen years on April 1st of this year! (Fun side note: Dr. Hartman’s mom says she knew then that Erika must be the one since they randomly ran into one another in their new home of Birmingham. Another fun side note: Erika is also Dr. Hartman, as she is an orthodontist.)

Today, the Drs. Hartman have two children, Grant (9) and Helen (7). Both are athletic, creative, and excellent Lego builders. Grant is a Cub Scout, and he’s very into flag football, while Helen is a Girl Scout and plays tennis and soccer. Dr. Hartman switched to the role of proud father as he told me about his kids’ kindness, their love for one another, and their loyalty to their friends. The family has a great time supporting UAB athletics together, particularly basketball and football, and traveling extensively. One goal Dr. Hartman and his wife have for Grant and Helen is to show them the world and its cultures. From an annual trip to New York to their first overseas family trip to France this summer, the Hartmans want to be sure their children understand that possibilities and experiences aren’t limited to where you grow up. There’s a whole world out there! (When I asked Dr. Hartman about his favorite trip ever as an aside, he said he and his wife went to London to celebrate her 40th birthday, and it was an incredible experience for many reasons, not the least of which was it being their first big trip together since becoming parents.)

I wrapped up the interview by asking Dr. Hartman about his accomplishments in opening Skin Wellness Center, his vision for the practice, and what drew him to dermatology. He shared that opening his own practice was always the goal, and he believed he could create something unique that patients couldn’t find elsewhere. Ten years in, it’s safe to say he has done just that. Skin Wellness Center is dedicated to individualized care. Doctors work together, pulling one another in on cases where someone else may have more expertise. It’s a true team approach to ensure each person who comes through the door gets the absolute best care possible.

As far as dermatology, Dr. Hartman shared that the sheer variety of it appealed to him. The field involves everything from surgery to topical treatments and everything in between. There is also a factor of growing with patients. In residency, doctors are trained to treat all ages, so Dr. Hartman can grow with his patients, treating a child’s cradle cap issues in infancy and helping him or her get the best skin possible for a wedding years later.

Dr. Hartman’s passion for his practice is inspiring. We are honored to partner with him, and we look forward to seeing all that’s still to come for the entire team at Skin Wellness Center.

“You deserve the utmost respect and compassion in life. We have made it our mission to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art care in medical, surgical, and cosmetic services in a warm, inviting, and innovative office environment.” – Dr. Corey Hartman


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