Five Quick Dinners When You’re Counting Macros


If y’all are anything like me, I’ve been trying to get my pre-quarantine pants to button since January. This led me down a path of counting my macros in My Fitness Pal and finding some time to work out again. 

With that, I still have to feed two small boys and a husband who don’t want to eat “girly diet food.” If I serve spaghetti squash in this house or spiralize a zucchini and expect the entire family to eat it ever again . . . they’ll probably change the locks. 

So let’s get to it. Here are five of my favorite macros meals that always find a way in the rotation!

  1. The Sausage Skillet Meal. I sauté chicken and apple sausage in a pan with pre-chopped frozen peppers and onion blend (not the seasoning blend, you want strips). Once the peppers are looking good and the sausage has browned, I chop up one zucchini and sauté it until it is just right. From there I melt in (all eye-balling it here, folks) as much herbed goat cheese as makes my heart happy and serve this up with a big salad on the side. This is a beloved low carb day meal. 
  2. Breakfast For Dinner. I can make this low carb (eggs, cheese, bacon, berries) or regular macros by making some yummy potatoes. I chop the potatoes and season with olive oil, paprika, garlic, onion, salt and pepper, and roast at 400 until crispy. 
  3. Sam’s Club Knock Off Chick-Fil-A Nuggets and Fries. I said what I said! I fit this in my macros and make it work every single Wednesday night. My husband is a youth pastor, and I need something easy that the kids get excited for when it’s single mama night. Six ounces of fries and eight nuggets, and I’m in heaven every Wednesday night. 
  4. Grilled Cube Steak and Green Beans. Don’t ask me why the kids love cube steak, but they believe it’s steak, so I’m serving it up. I season it with Tony’s, some worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and toss it on the grill. For the green beans, I tend to grab the fresh bags from Walmart that you can steam in the microwave. I’ll microwave that for two minutes to do most of the cooking. After that, I’ll heat up a pan with butter and olive oil, toss in some garlic and the green beans, season with salt and pepper, and sauté them the rest of the way. I finish it off with a bit of lemon juice and parmesan cheese. The kids gobble it up. 
  5. Stuffed Baked Potatoes. The possibilities are endless. Cook your own meat or buy a convenience item that’s seasoned already. Go the barbeque route and add sour cream, cheese, and chives. Or make it Buffalo and top it off with blue cheese and some ranch. You can even mix up your potatoes. Don’t underestimate a sweet potato either. I think I ate a Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato for three lunches a week during April and May. It’s amazing and an easy way to load up on protein and carbs.

Need some quick and easy dinner ideas everyone will love? Here are my five favorite go-to weeknight dinner recipes when I'm counting macrosI would love to hear some of your ideas! What are your easy go-to dinners, especially during the summer months? Tell me in the comments below!


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Emily, originally from Louisiana, lives with her husband, Jeremy and sons, Harrison (5) & Elliot (1) in Mc Calla. She recently moved from South Louisiana to the Birmingham area when her husband left his career in psychology to become a youth pastor. Emily is an elementary teacher by day, and blogger by night at her personal blog Louisiana Bride. She began blogging to document her wedding planning during the dark ages (before Pinterest). She has since transitioned her blogging style to sharing recipes, meal planning ideas, and the humor in her daily life. Emily enjoys gardening, camping and is a closet hippie. When she isn't busy with babies and helping her husband in youth ministry; you can find her reading a good book or watching old BBC documentaries on YouTube.


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