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Birmingham Mom Collective loves introducing our readers to new businesses in the area, and Bates Orthodontics is our latest favorite small business! 

Against all pandemic odds, Bates Orthodontics opened last fall during the COVID-19 craziness. Due to the talent and perseverance of husband-and-wife team William and Kathryn Bates, their practice is succeeding with multiple locations.

Meet the Bates

William and Kathryn Bates met and got married while attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry.

Bates Orthodontics
William and Kathryn Bates while in dental school.

After graduation, they moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for William to earn a Master of Science in Orthodontics from the prestigious University of Michigan. Did you know that the University of Michigan boasts one of the top three orthodontics programs in the world?! While in Michigan, Kathryn worked as a general dentist in a nearby town. Once William graduated with his master’s degree, they moved back to Birmingham.

The couple chose to settle back in Birmingham not only because it’s right in between each of their families (Huntsville/Tennessee area and Dothan, respectively), but because they fell in love with the city during undergrad and dental school.

The Bateses also have a precious Dakota Sport Retriever named Roux. If you’re so lucky, you just might spot her from time to time at the office!

Bates Orthodontics
Roux Bates, the office mascot!

Perfect Timing

While in dental school, the Bateses lived near Ross Bridge. Right before moving to Michigan, a new shopping center anchored by Publix broke ground near Red Mountain Park and the Ross Bridge community. Both William and Kathryn agreed that would be the perfect spot for a new orthodontics practice, but the timing just wasn’t right for them at that point.

Come to find out, an endangered bat population (of all things!) lived near the planned shopping center, and construction would have to wait until the endangered bats naturally migrated away! Once the Bateses moved back to Birmingham, the timing was perfect to open their practice at that location until . . . COVID. However, orthodontics are essential, and the pandemic couldn’t stop them from realizing their dream.

Perfect Locations

You can find their first location at 2826 Lakeshore Parkway near Ross Bridge. It’s also very convenient to their patients in Hoover, Birmingham, Homewood, Bessemer, Hueytown, and McCalla.

Then in February of this year, the Bateses acquired three additional orthodontist offices (Bessemer, Jasper, and Forestdale) when a local orthodontist passed away unexpectedly. The Bessemer office is merging with the Ross Bridge office, and Dr. Bates splits his time between the remaining offices each week. There’s a great chance one of these locations is convenient to YOU!

Not Just for Kids Anymore

When you think of orthodontics, what comes to your mind? I think about preteens and teens in metal braces. When I got Invisalign a few years back myself, I know the particular office I went to was obviously geared toward that demographic. For example, cartoons played on the ceiling TV’s and bulletin boards were filled with photos of preteens who had joined the “Smile Club.” I felt very old and very unhip!

Bates Orthodontics
It’s nice to have you at Bates Orthodontics!

Yet . . . at Bates Orthodontics, adults make up the majority of the overall demographic. About 50-60% of Dr. Bates’ patients are adults. Not only that, but they had a personal hand in the office decor using an “Iron City” industrial theme. The Bateses took great care to not have a doctor’s office feel–they wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing with a grown-up, modern vibe.

They’re also big Dave Matthews Band fans, so you’ll find over 30 concert posters (concerts they have attended!) adorning the walls, as well as Dave Matthews music often playing on the speakers.

Bates Orthodontics
Note all the Dave Matthews Band concert posters on the wall!

Oh, and speaking of Invisalign, did you know they offer lots of other “clear aligners” options to us adults? It’s true, and I really wish I would have had this option a few years ago. These can be made in-house for cases with not too much change needed (i.e. when one or two teeth need to get back in alignment). This is a less expensive option but very effective in treating cases that need a limited amount of intervention. More complex cases do great with more intervention.

Personalized Care

Their personalized care sets them apart from other orthodontist offices. While there are many orthodontist chains out there, Bates Orthodontics is not a chain. Their goal is to provide quality service and build relationships with their patients. When patients come in for a visit, they will always meet with Dr. Bates, not a rotating group of various providers.

In addition to this, Dr. Bates is a board-certified orthodontist. Only about 30% of orthodontists in the U.S. are board-certified.


Bates Orthodontics offers flexible financing through OrthoFi. OrthoFi allows you to design and customize payment plans to fit your budget and financial goals. OrthoFi offers the option of monthly payments, a down payment with smaller monthly payments, as well as family discounts and discounts when paying in full.

Make a Consultation Today

Are you interested in an appointment for yourself and/or your children? Bates Orthodontics is currently accepting new patients and would love to help you meet your smile goals.

Whether it’s bringing in your child for his or her first assessment, or if you’re thinking about re-straightening your teeth that shifted after you lost your retainer 25 years ago, Bates Orthodontics is here for you.

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends an initial consultation at age seven–not necessarily to start treatment or put braces on at that age, but more to establish a home to monitor growth patterns. This helps an orthodontist to see if any early intervention is needed to avoid more complex or costly treatments in the future. At Bates Orthodontics, they believe that less is more, and do not start treatment until the patient is ready. (And ALL the moms breathe a huge sigh of relief!)

The AAO has a great blog with information about orthodontic treatment and Q and A’s for moms and others, too. You can check that out here

Bates Orthodontics
Kathryn and William Bates

Be sure give them a follow on their Facebook and Instagram (@bracesbybates) pages for more information, great advice, and fun giveaways! When you set up your first appointment, be sure to tell them Birmingham Mom Collective sent you!



We are so excited to partner with Bates Orthodontics. Introducing Birmingham families to this wonderful practice is a joy! This is sponsored content.