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Bates Orthodontics is beloved by their patients, many of whom are adults! Take a look at their patient testimonials, and you’ll see why. Recently, we sat down with Dr. William Bates to learn about the many ways they are helping adults gain a healthier, more confident smile. If you missed it, be sure to check out the full interview here, and read on for a recap of our conversation with Dr. Bates below!

About Bates Orthodontics

Dr. Bates is originally from Huntsville but moved to Birmingham for college. He attended UAB (Go Blazers!) for both undergrad and dental school, which is where he met his wife Kathryn. She is a general dentist who also works at Bates Orthodontics, so their office is truly a family practice. You can read all about their story here.

While we often think of orthodontic offices treating children, Bates Orthodontics appeals to a wide array of patients and sees a majority of adults. Conveniently located on Lakeshore Parkway, the Hoover office is ideal for young professionals working in the area. With Dave Matthews Band posters covering the walls and the Bates’ dog, Roux, hanging out, the space exudes a cool and personal vibe. Not only does the office environment make seeking treatment as an adult more comfortable, but Dr. Bates’ expertise and enthusiasm for adult care create an experience that makes patients feel right at home. 

Adult Orthodontics

The most common issue Bates Orthodontics treats is unaligned teeth. However, this can be due to different reasons, so they offer a wide variety of treatments for their patients. The simplest teeth-straightening cases involve adults who had braces as children but have since neglected their retainers. This leads to teeth shifting slowly over time and is usually an easy fix. Sometimes, Dr. Bates does have more challenging cases that may even call for surgical procedures. Since adults are done growing, there is no way to manipulate growth to fix any over- or under-bites, so the main option for these severe cases can be surgery.

Correction of minor teeth-crowding or bite problems is also a frequent concern of their patients. Even though many of these cases are more difficult than what is seen in children’s visits, Dr. Bates enjoys treating adults. He can really explain what issues need addressing and have honest conversations about all of the available options for his adult patients, who also tend to be more invested in and compliant with their treatments than younger patients.


Since straighter teeth is such a common goal for his patients, Dr. Bates offers several options to achieve this. In earlier years, the only options were brackets, either metal or ceramic, and wires. Now, clear aligners (think Invisalign) are popular. These slowly move the teeth into the desired position as the patient progresses through a series of aligners over time. Other attachments or mechanics can also be used to achieve the desired result.

Even though most patients come into Bates Orthodontics wanting “straight teeth” and a “nice smile,” there are many other factors that Dr. Bates considers when forming a treatment plan for his patients. Most importantly, the position of the teeth affects the way they function and the ways we use our teeth to eat and chew. The position of our teeth can also affect other aspects of our face like our lip position and facial profile. Dr. Bates and his team want to ensure that their patients walk away with a functional smile! It just so happens that a great side effect of a functional smile is also a straight one that makes you feel more confident!

Contact Bates Orthodontics

A big thank you to Bates Orthodontics for talking with us and for providing expert orthodontic care for patients of all ages! To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bates, visit the website at any time of day to request a consultation. You can also call either office during business hours. The Birmingham office on Lakeshore Parkway can be reached at 205.719.5125, and the Jasper office’s number is 205.221.7780. 


This post is written in partnership with Bates Orthodontics. This is sponsored content.


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