All Kids Deserve to See the Dentist, Insured or Not

This post is sponsored by our partners at Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry. We appreciate the heart Dr. Flannery and his staff have for providing dental care to all children.

We have established the importance of seeing a pediatric dentist early. Dental health in children plays a huge part in their overall health, and the key is prevention. Seeing the dentist early and establishing a routine sets kids up for oral health success, but there is an elephant in the room:

Not all kids carry dental insurance. 

Among the many things we love about Dr. Jeff Flannery and the entire Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry staff is the heart behind what they do. That heart is for kids and their health, meaning no child will be turned away from care. They truly want every child to be seen. Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry is a place where parents and caregivers can receive education on how to assist children at home, and children can learn why caring for their teeth is important. With expert care from a staff trained in all forms of dental treatment and the potential emotions around it,  going to the dentist becomes a normal, enjoyable experience. That’s the goal, and Dr. Jeff’s dedication to children and their families makes it achievable for all kids.

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Know whether or not your child is insured before arriving for your appointment.

This sounds simple, but insurance can be confusing. Dental and medical insurance are different, and they have separate enrollments. Parents need to confirm that the child is active on the insurance policy during open enrollment, which normally occurs once per year. Ask your employer for help navigating these enrollments if needed.

Check the co-pay and deductible for your policy. Preventative visits are 100% covered on most policies, but there are exceptions. It’s helpful to have all of this information ahead of a visit to avoid surprises.

There are options that can be cheaper than traditional insurance.

Insurance policies vary greatly, and in many cases, adding a child to the dental plan can get pricey. It’s a worthy investment, but Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry encourages families to explore options if they feel limited by the cost.

The Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry In-Office Prevention Savings Plan

Ages 0 to 3: $125 per visit
Ages 4 to 12: $150 per visit
Ages 13 and up: $175 per visit

Two visits per year are recommended, and each visit includes an exam, cleaning, fluoride, and x-rays (once they turn 4). Around 6 years old, there is a panoramic x-ray which is an additional $99 but is only taken every 3 years.


Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry is a Medi-Share provider (Christian Service Ministry), and this provides a 20% discount on all services. In many cases, the In-Office Prevention Savings Plan above still comes out to be less because services come as a package, not a la carte.

Care Credit

Care credit is a healthcare credit card, and Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry is a provider.

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Why it matters

Long-term dental costs increase significantly for kids who don’t establish healthy habits early. Children who see the dentist regularly from a young age are less likely to need restorations, crowns, and extractions, procedures that can be very costly. (This is well-documented, but here is an example of a study done to prove this.)

When intervention is necessary

Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry has gone above and beyond to be an amazing place for their young patients to have all kinds of work done. Dr. Jeff and his staff love helping children feel at ease in their office, whether for a cleaning, x-rays, or something a bit more involved. For any patient feeling anxious, Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry is equipped to offer sedation. (This isn’t for pain, just for anxiety around a procedure.) This truly is an office that specializes in making treatments easy on kids.

Children deserve to see the dentist, and Dr. Jeff Flannery and the team at Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry will do all they can to make sure it happens.