Why Everybody Should be Shopping at Aldi


Let me just start off by saying that I have been really excited to write this blog. I mean, we are talking food shopping here — one of my favorite things to do. So here are some of the reasons I love shopping at Aldi and prefer it over any other grocery store. 

Top reasons for shopping at Aldi - including fresh produce!

My Top Reasons for Grocery Shopping at Aldi

1. Accountability 

I know, I know . . . it may be a pain since most of us don’t use cash much, BUT you do get your quarter back once you return your cart. I personally love this and saw it a lot when I was in Europe. It makes sure that the carts get returned and everything stays organized. I wish more companies would do this.

2. Reusable bags

Something else that is very European but should we implemented in America — reusable bags. They reduce the use of plastic and would be great for our environment. I’ve gathered different types of bags from different places; my favorite ones are the cooler bags from T.J. Maxx that are four dollars. I usually will put my meat and cold items in those bags. Another great things about these bags are that they are stronger and hold more items than your generic plastic bag. If you don’t have bags, don’t worry; Aldi also sells paper and reusable bags for a very affordable price. 

3. Wine

My favorite thing about Aldi is their wine selection. Winking Owl (their own brand) bottles are only $3 each. Yes, you heard me right . . . three dollars! If you like something light and sweet then I would go with the Moscato, and something less sweet would be the Chardonnay. Not a fan of wine — that’s fine! They also have a great beer selection that features beers from around the world. **There’s a pineapple wine out right now, for a limited time, that you have got to try. Perfect for the picnic or especially when you’re missing summer.

4. Produce

I have never had a problem with the produce at Aldi. It’s fresh and packaged neatly. My favorite things to get are their “Spring Mix” salad, zucchini, broccoli and green beans. Every week when we go grocery shopping, these are the vegetables I get because they are easy to add in any meal, plus they are a great price! 

5. Meats

You might have heard different things about their meats, but I have always been a fan. They offer a big thing of ground turkey that I usually use for my spaghetti and tacos, and it’s less than 10 dollars. Also, they have really good pork chops that we are constantly buying to eat with our vegetables. Lastly, since they are a German company, they have great bratwurst, and if you look in the canned aisle you will also find the best sauerkraut. 

6. Miscellaneous aisle

Since I am a parent and a teacher, this is probably my second favorite aisle (you know where my loyalty stands.) I never know what I will find here, and I think that’s the fun part. I have found bath mats, math puzzles, flexible seating, and others in this aisle that have been helpful and much needed. Always check out this aisle because you will definitely find something that you’ve been looking for.

There are other amazing things I could tell you about, but you just need to check it out. There are many different Aldi locations in the Birmingham area, but I definitely recommend the one in Hoover on Marble Terrace. Have fun shopping! 

Tell us your reasons for shopping at Aldi in the comments!