The Frozen Mocha We’re Drinking All Summer + An Organic Valley Giveaway!


Is anything better than a tasty, refreshing treat on a hot, sunny day? Summer is in full-swing, and we are thrilled to partner with Organic Valley to share our favorite summer recipe – a delicious frozen mocha made with Organic Valley milk! As moms who want to feed our families the best and support businesses we trust, we think Organic Valley hits ALL the marks. 

Not Your Average Business

Supporting Organic Valley is a great way to shop small! They are a cooperative owned by organic, family farmers who all work together to make the products and run the business. The co-op model enables Organic Valley to bring economic support to rural communities and family farmers. Being from a rural area myself, I love how this business supports small towns. And how cool is it knowing your milk was produced with care by an actual farmer?! You can even get to know the families behind the products on the Organic Valley website

Happy Cows = Better Milk

With all the shopping I do for my family, I’ve grown more aware of how products are made. That’s why I was especially pleased to learn about Organic Valley’s high standard of animal care. I can buy their products with confidence because I know they are committed to ethical practices that benefit animals and the environment! (Am I bit of a tree-hugger? Maybe, but isn’t factory-farming super depressing to think about?) I LOVE LOVE LOVE that their cows spend lots of time outside, grazing and just being normal animals. Much like us, cows thrive on time spent outdoors, and happy cows give us better milk.  Imagine that! (Consider this your invitation to let your kids play unsupervised while you relax with a cup coffee and a splash of Organic Valley!) Cows on Organic Valley farms also have a grass-heavy diet. More time outside means more grazing and more nutrients. We moms know how important it is to eat our vegetables! Thanks to Organic Valley, we can give high quality milk to our picky children and rest assured they are at least getting some good nutrition in between all the grapes and frozen chicken nuggets.

pouring Organic Valley Whole Milk into a kid's cup
I feel great about giving my littles Organic Valley milk because I know it’s so nutrient-rich!

Delicious Products

Best of all, Organic Valley products are nutritious AND delicious. On cereal, swirled in coffee, or in a tall glass – my family can’t get enough of this milk! Which brings me to our summertime staple – the frozen mocha you’ve been waiting for, courtesy of BMC’s Social Media Manager, Kristina! Whip up the recipe below and feel good about serving your family a summertime treat with Organic Valley milk. 

Frozen Mocha

8 ounces Organic Valley Lowfat Chocolate Milk
4 ounces Organic Valley Half & Half
3 ounces of your favorite cold brew concentrate*
*This is if you like your coffee a little on the stronger side! You can always adjust by adding water to your cold brew concentrate before freezing. 
1. Freeze your cold brew concentrate and Organic Valley Half & Half overnight. We used 14 half-ounce (1 TBSP) ice cubes. You could also mix your cold brew concentrate and half & half together first if you’re making larger ice cubes.
2. Blend your ice cubes with 8 ounces of Organic Valley Lowfat Chocolate Milk until smooth.
3. Optional: Add a handful of ice if you’d like it a little thicker.
This makes 1-2 servings depending on your definition of a “cup” of coffee. 😉 If you happen to have any left over, you can freeze them into popsicles to enjoy later!


We love Organic Valley and know that you will too! WIN $100 of organic groceries! To enter to win, simply LIKE our post on Facebook and Instagram and follow @organicvalley. We will choose a winner at random from ALL entries on 8/8/2022 and will announce the winner in our Instastories. For additional entries, make sure you LIKE each Organic Valley post you see live on our platforms in the coming month! This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook or Instagram.

Connect With Organic Valley

Are you ready to get your hands on some Organic Valley milk? Look up your location on the website to find a store near you. If your regular grocery store isn’t listed, let them know you’d like them to begin carrying Organic Valley!

For more information and resources from Organic Valley (including recipes), you can visit the co-op’s website here. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

mom and daughter enjoying Organic Valley Milk
Organic Valley is the perfect addition to special treats with your family!
We are thrilled to partner with Organic Valley to share what makes the brand unique. This is sponsored content.


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