Technology Time-Out: Put those Devices in the Corner and Let’s Get Artsy


Over the years, the advancement of technology has been amazing! I mean come on… Where would we be without our smartphones, smart watches, or tablets?! We are living in one of the most creative and innovative times ever, because we literally have access to information and entertainment right at our fingertips.  

I will be the first to admit that I am LOST without my devices. Each day I use them to track my steps, study my daily bible devotions, check out new recipes, and scroll through social media. I even worked on this post while in the car as my husband and I headed to the Magic City to see one of his favorite comedians at the Stardome Comedy Club.

A quick side bar… We could only get tickets for the late show, which did not start until 11:15! Yeah I know … that is like 3:00 a.m. in parent time zone!  We haven’t been out that late in years. I thought that we become parents that first beautiful moment that we hold our precious babies in our arms, but I was WRONG! You have officially become parents when you debate on whether or not to attend certain events based on what time they start and end. Needless to say, that day we both had to have a good, long nap! Haha!   

Technology is a part of our family; we treat it like the one aunt who you got excited to see because she always brought goodies when she came to visit (YAY!), but we all know that too much of a GOOD thing can be BAD. Like a Twinkie dipped in chocolate, covered in caramel, topped with sugar-coated sprinkles, technology begins to rot and decay our family bonding time. I understand how hard it can be competing with an app, Xbox, or social media to get and keep children’s/teenagers’ attention, but I also understand that there is something that we as a family can offer one another that no amount of clicks, texts, pins, likes, or tags can … our undivided attention! We had to find a balance in our family, and quickly.

So over the years I came up with something I like to call Technology Time-out Days. What is technology time-out? you may ask. Ok … I know it is exactly what it sounds like, but just for a minute, let me feel as if I created the next best idea since the magic eraser. ? By the way, how awesome is the magic eraser?! In my opinion, the magic eraser is the greatest thing invented in this century, because I cannot remove permanent marker with my smartphone! 

Anyway, technology time-out  is where we put our devices down and NO ONE is allowed to pick one up until we are through with our family activity. These activities range from outdoor activities, such as hiking or back-yard bowling, to indoor activities. Today I am going to share with you a combination of both. Here are three art activities that we have done. I hope they enrich your family as much as they have mine. 

Sip and Stroke (PG Style)

Break out the paint, the canvases, and the beverages. It’s time to sip and stroke the night away! We did this in the winter time, so hot chocolate and hot white chocolate were our beverages of choice. But now that we are in the spring season, a good lemonade or strawberry lemonade would be very refreshing.
Technology Time-Out Sip and Stroke

Technology Time-Out Masterpiece
This piece, created during our family sip & stroke by my daughter Azha, is one of the focal points in our living room.

Art in the Park

You can go as simple or as extravagant as you like. Don’t have time to drag out paints and canvases? Grab a coloring book and some markers and GET YOUR ART ON! Don’t forget your coloring book as well, Mom — adult coloring books are the new “it thing”. Now that my girls are teenagers, they sometimes trade their paintbrushes in for a camera; thus, “Photography in the Park.”

Technology Time-Out Photography in the Park
Photography in the Park

Pizza and Picasso Madness

This is my fave! Super simple but super creative. All you have to do is download or print pictures of pastel Picasso faces, grab those paints and paintbrushes, and let out your inner artist. Once you have completed your Picasso masterpiece, head toward the kitchen.

Technology Time-Out Picasso
Created by my friend’s daughter, this Piscasso drawing is truly one of a kind!

It’s homemade pizza time! Yes, trade in your smock for an apron. We like to use tortilla shells for a thin crust pizza a tad bit healthier, plus no messy fuss! Choose your favorite toppings and create away! You can even make a Picasso face with your pizza toppings.

Technology Time-Out Sous Chef
I couldn’t ask for a better sous chef than my 9-year-old son, Tre.
Technology Time-Out Pizza Ingredients
Get your “mise en place”.
Technology Time-Out Picasso Pizza
An Edible Work of Art
Technology Time-Out Pizza Dinner

  One last tip, you guys … Don’t forget your magic eraser!

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LaTasha has always known that she wanted to be a mother. The chance may have come sooner than what she could have ever imagined at the age of sixteen, but through the love and grace of God and support of their families, she and her high school sweetheart--now husband of sixteen years--have built and been blessed with a one-of-a-kind family. She was born a foodie and found her calling in the food industry at the age of seventeen on the very first day of her first job as a hostess in a restaurant. She later pursued her dreams of becoming a chef, all while being a stay-at-home mom, and loved every minute of it. During the week she could be found sipping tea at the weekly PRINCESS tea parties hosted by her daughters, but during her classes on the weekends she was the sautéing and simmering QUEEN. She graduated from culinary school in 2005. Preparing food has always been the way she expressed her love to her family and friends. Entertaining is a MUST. When guests are over, which is all the time, they are at home in her house. LaTasha graduated with her B.S. in nutrition science in 2015 and is currently a food service and nutrition director. She is also the small business owner of Simply Tasteful, a personal chef and nutrition service. She enjoys the simple things in life, hence the name of her business. She never meets a stranger and greets everyone with a hug. It is very rare that you will not find a smile on her face. “Always let your light shine” is her motto!


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