Surviving the Back-to-School Dinnertime Chaos + A $365 Birmingham Experience Giveaway

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It’s time for “Back-to-School,” which means you are likely getting pulled in every direction! On top of your typical parenting responsibilities, you’re also meeting teachers, completing paperwork, buying new clothes and supplies, managing busy schedules, shuffling kids from A to B, and more. It can wear you out just thinking about all the to-dos piling up! Thankfully, dinner doesn’t have to be another stressful item on your list. With a few tricks up your sleeve and some quick and delicious recipes like Creamy White Chicken Enchiladas, you can get an A+ dinner on the table in no time. 

One of my favorite go-to brands for fast and satisfying meals is Pioneer! I love supporting a brand that boasts a long history of making quality products that can shorten my cooking time without skimping on flavor. Although a frozen meal from the store or take-out from our favorite restaurants is convenient, there is nothing better than having an easy, home-cooked meal on the table to allow our family time to gather, sit, and talk about our day. This family time is especially valuable as my kids start a new school. Let me share my tips for making dinner possible, how Pioneer helps me do it, and a giveaway that you do NOT want to miss!

Plan Ahead

Meals in our home are dictated by our weekly schedule and the weekly ad at our local grocery store! Often, I will plan meals based on what is on sale, what I have on hand, and how much time I have to prepare.

With three kids, planning is not only necessary if we want to eat, but it also simplifies the chaos that is our life. There’s no time for last-minute grocery runs between school, extracurriculars, homework, and bedtime! 

Meal Prep

Meal prep can be daunting, but it does not have to be! I am fortunate to have a partner who does an excellent job with grocery shopping, which allows me time to plan meals, prepare the kitchen for meal prep, and get to cooking. 

Pre-Made Mixes

Nothing simplifies my time in the kitchen more than a pre-made mix. Grab a seasoning mix for a pot of chili and a baking mix for corn muffins, and dinner is half-way done! It saves me a ton of time when I don’t have to create every single element from scratch. The best part? Saving time with a mix does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor! With over 170 years in the industry and high standards for ingredients, Pioneer knows how to create products that save time AND result in homemade quality. Pioneer products can be found at Publix, Wal-Mart, and other retailers. Find the closest location to you with the store finder HERE.

Fruits and Vegetables

Prepping produce in advance helps my family eat fresh throughout the week. First, I wash and cut produce. Storing in mason jars keep them fresh for over a week! 


Cut and prep meats and toss in your favorite marinade. Store in air-tight containers and use within a few days or cook to use later in the week.

Salad Mixes

Use pre-washed salad mixes and create salads in a jar. Make sure to store dressing in a separate container to avoid wilted greens!

Focus on Family

I used to worry so much about what to make and how to please multiple palates that I would get overwhelmed and end up ordering out. As our family started to get pulled in multiple directions due to extracurriculars, work, and other obligations, I realized that spending time with my family was more important than spending hours in the kitchen making a meal. 

I’m so glad I’ve discovered Pioneer products and found a way to make an affordable, delicious meal for my family without sacrificing quality time together. Their recipes also offer a yummy array of options that appeal to a variety of taste buds, including picky children. 

In the chaos of fall schedules, make your life easier with these simple tips and products from Pioneer. By taking a small amount of time to plan and prep, you will have much more time to enjoy your family and delicious meals!

My New Favorite Pioneer Recipe + A GIVEAWAY!

With a new school year kicking off, I was especially excited to try out one of Pioneer’s “Back to School” recipes. The Smoky Country Bacon Egg Bites were SO good. Even my kids devoured them! Check out BMC’s reel on Instagram to see how to make the recipe step-by-step. Pro tip – be sure you don’t skip the step where you spray the pan! And now, it’s time for a GIVEAWAY! To help your family weather the busy back-to-school season, we are giving away a family membership to McWane Science Center AND the Birmingham Zoo PLUS a $100 gift certificate to Ashley Mac’s! That’s a $365 total value! Head over to Instagram now for your chance to win this amazing package for your family!

A big thank you to Pioneer for providing top-notch products and recipes that simplify the busy back-to-school season and allow us more time to spend around the kitchen table.


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