Ways to Simplify and Organize in the New Year


It’s the beginning of a new year, which means you are making resolutions for yourself or thinking about that habit you want to break.

The goal is to start the new year off organized. We all know how hard that can be! Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mother, there are ways to simplify and organize to help any lifestyle. I’m currently a full-time working mother, but I’ve been a stay-at-home mother and worked part-time as well. It’s all the same: we are all juggling the everyday craziness of this beautiful life we’ve been given.

Now let’s try and keep it together through our day-to-day routine.

Simplify and Prioritize

What exactly does that mean? Well, don’t over-commit yourself or stretch yourself too thin. Trust me, Sister, I’ve been there.

Try grocery pickup or delivery.

If you have young children, this is an absolute lifesaver and an easy way to budget those grocery bills.

Plan to be at home with family at least two nights a week.

We all want to be committed and stay plugged in with sports, extra curricular activities, or whatever your forté may be. That is perfectly okay! Take that time for yourself, also, because we all need it. Prioritizing these activities will help to alleviate any over commitment and allow you time to relax. Most of all, be realistic with what your week/month/year looks like.

Plan ahead.

A shared family calendar can ease some frustrations in our daily lives. This is a great way to see your week or month in perspective so you aren’t over committing yourself or your family. Meal planning and preparation is also a huge time saver and can help with the budget as well. 

Separate your work and home life.

I know how hard it can be to “turn off work”. It’s especially difficult if there is a lot going on, you’ve had a hard day, or you’re planning for the next day. Separating the two can help to ease the stress or worry that work may bring. Prioritize your family during the time you have with them. The same goes for work. 

simplify and organize in the new year


The beginning of the year is a great time to do an overall clean out of toys, clothes, and everything else. I don’t know about you, but I love getting rid of things! There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to go through the excess and clean. It could be due to the busyness of the holidays or spending more time at home — I don’t know. All I know is, it’s nice to be able to look for something and know where it is. But, in reality, with kids this is usually not the case.

What can you do with all of this extra “stuff” that you don’t need anymore? You can consign the children’s items at a consignment sale or donate it. You can take it to your local thrift store, or you can schedule a pickup right at your front door. How’s that for convenience?


Christmas has come and gone, and it’s time to get rid of the older toys that — let’s face it — you don’t have room for anymore. Invest in toy storage or a toy closet and swap out toys on occasion. 

Closets and Drawers

This can be a really big project, but it’s well worth it. Take out what is too small and organize by season. The more simple you make it, the easier it will be every day. Involve your kids with their rooms and make it fun. Store each item in different drawers at your child’s level. Also try closet organization. This can encourage their independence as well as a new routine!

The Pantry and Refrigerator

We have tried as a family to do better with what we already have instead of buying more. We tried to meal plan and prep from what’s already in our pantry and refrigerator. My family and I were surprised with what we (and Pinterest) came up with! Also, look through expiration dates, throw out the old items, and wipe down the pantry and refrigerator. They both need it every now and then.

ways to simplify and organize in the new year

The Garage

Now. this is a project. Don’t continue being overwhelmed by a cluttered mess when pulling into your garage day after day. Take some time and look through what you have. Think about what you really need or don’t need. Try hanging bikes or kids toys/scooters from the ceiling to give you more floor room, add a trash can, organize your shoes, and store toys/garage items on a shelving unit.

The Attic

Who knows what is up there? Ours held years and years of memories and stuff from three different houses. It was overwhelming. Clean out the old and chunk it. If you haven’t thought about it in a year or more, you don’t need it. Lowe’s and Home Depot have great organizational ideas and bins that can help make this a space you can keep organized year-round.

Do What Works for You

When all is said and done, we all have our own lives and daily routines. Do what works best for you, your family, and your everyday lifestyle. Change can be hard for anyone, but the benefits yield amazing results. How about you? How are you getting organized in 2020? I’d love to hear in the comments below!