Realistic Family Goals for the New Year


“I don’t have time” and “I wish I could” are two phrases I’m guilty of using way too often. My husband constantly reminds me that realistic expectations yield a much better mood for everyone, and he has never been more right. I constantly find myself consumed in everyday life from our morning routine of rushing to carpool, working full-time across town, dealing with rush hour traffic, and trying to scrounge up leftovers for dinner because I haven’t thought about it all day. I’ve been thinking through a few ways to be realistic about our family goals for the upcoming year, and I hope it’s of help to other busy moms.

1.) Don’t be afraid to say no.

I am guilty of over-committing our family on our weeknights and weekends, which turns into all-out chaos and over-stimulated, cranky kids. Do I want my kids to have ballet, basketball, and soccer? Sure. But does that mean I’ll be running all over Highway 280 every evening? It’s time to prioritize and not over-extend ourselves, Ladies. Having a calendar for all of our family events has helped to plan and to make sure we carve time out for family time at home. We try to have at least two nights at home each week.

2.) Work while you’re at work, and be at home when you’re home.

This is so much easier said than done. As we all know, work tends to creep into our family time as the e-mails never stop, and something can always be done. Putting my phone down when I’m at home and spending time with my family is so much easier than worrying about work, but that doesn’t mean it’s always what I do. Social media takes up most of my free time, which would be much better used doing something else. Being present in the moment will always matter to our families, and especially our children. I do remind myself constantly that I am more than enough for my children, even though I may feel much less than that.

3.) Always ask for help.

From a fellow mom, it can be hard when the days feel like they will never end and you’re on that last bit of patience. Make time for yourself, go on date nights, and travel. Reach out to moms for connections with good babysitters or try Wyndy. It is so refreshing to be able to get out and have social interaction with other moms and your spouse. We all need a chance to breathe and get refreshed.

4.) Just be a mom.

What do I mean by that? Well, love your family well. We are all very different, and our priority is going to be what we make it. Take that trip to the park, play that board game, and go down that bumpy slide. Let the dishes sit and the laundry pile, as it will get done in its due time. Remember anything can wait, but these times are precious. Let’s all be thankful for this journey of motherhood and embrace it together.

What are your goals for your family in the New Year?