Between my mom regularly babysitting when I was growing up and me now having two kids of my own, I feel like I have enough experience with popular children’s shows to assert that Bluey is the best one. If you’ve seen it, you most likely agree with me, based on the show’s skyrocket to popularity over the past year; If you haven’t seen it, allow me to explain just what you’re missing and why you should start watching it with your little ones.


First of all, let me set the stage for you. Bluey is an Australian Blue-Heeler and lives with her mom, Chilli, her dad, Bandit, and her little sister, Bingo. Most of the episodes center around the Heeler family. There may be a combination of one parent with two kids, one parent with one kid, or all four family members together, but the theme of family runs through this show in a way not often seen in kids’ entertainment. Seeing a family that genuinely enjoys spending time together is rare today, both on TV and in real life. Bluey’s family has fun playing together and there are even some sweet, tear-jerker episodes (see Baby Race in season 2). Plus, it’s actually funny for parents!


These dogs are creative! Whether the family is playing keepy-uppy with a balloon, burger shop in the bath tub, dance mode in public, or neighbors with couch cushions, these canines have large imaginations. My girls have found new games to play just from watching this show. More importantly, I have found new games to enthusiastically play with them. I’m not a “fun parent”, but Bluey is helping me nurture that part of myself, and I think I’m much less boring now. (My husband is the fun one. It works for us.) It seems like Bluey attends a Waldorf school, so there is a lot of free-play to observe in those episodes, too.


This show is genuinely funny. When season two was finally available for streaming, I’m not sure who was the most excited about it in my house. I chuckle every time the backseat of the family car is shown. The dad’s exclamations, especially “biscuits!”, have now become the norm for our family when we’re frustrated. Bluey’s classmates are also delightful. I can’t help but giggle at the “sausage dog” (dachshund) and terrier triplets in her class. The relationships between her parents, especially her dad, and other adults is often relatable for those of us with small kids. 

Short Episodes

Possibly most importantly, the episodes are around eight minutes long with credits. That means that both of my girls can pick an episode and they’ll still get less than twenty minutes of screen time. That length makes them the perfect diversion for kids if you need a few minutes to put away dishes, switch over some laundry, or just sit and enjoy an iced coffee. If my girls ever ask for “just one more” episode, it’s not a big commitment for me to say yes since they’re so short. There are over one hundred episodes available on Disney+ right now, so even though they’re short, they’ll keep your family entertained for a long time.

If you’re looking for a new, easy activity for your whole family to enjoy, then turn on Bluey, find a new game to play, and laugh out loud in the process. You can thank me later.

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