How to Slice a Watermelon {and a Recipe!}


God bless the farmers who grow watermelons. I don’t think there’s much that can beat a cold, sweet watermelon on a hot day. I also love that I get a lot for the money. What other fruit turns into containers on top of containers for about $5?

Several years ago I stumbled across this method for cutting cantaloupe, and I figured it would work for watermelon as well. I was right, but I’m sure plenty of people have already been doing this for a long time. So I have invented nothing. What I have done is make my go-to method a little more accessible for anyone else like me who gets a bit intimidated by a large object and a sharp knife. (And in case you didn’t catch it, this is also great for cantaloupe, honeydew, and anything else with a tendency to roll.)

Step 1

Get set up. Watermelon + Cutting Board + Sharp Knives

I look for a spot that looks like the melon had time to sit and ripen. If there is no, “I’ve been sitting here for a minute” mark, I pass. This method isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s something. Too bad that I didn’t photograph that part.

Step 2

Slice the watermelon in half. Then cut the end off of one half. Set the melon on its new base, which is the original middle.

This is how you’re going to keep the watermelon from rolling around on you. Hello, safety.

Step 3

Using a knife that’s the right fit for the job, slice the rind off of the meat. 

I typically go ahead and wrap the other half for the fridge so it stays fresh. No need to cut the whole thing unless you really need it all at once.

Step 4

Slice it all as desired, enjoying the lack of rind.

There are few things that make you feel like a knife master like slicing through the meat of watermelon. It’s just so easy!

Enjoy with your people.


Watermelon-Feta Salad with Mint

Crumbled Feta
Fresh Mint
Lime Juice + Olive Oil

There are plenty of variations of this recipe if you must have measurements (Google), but I just toss the watermelon, feta, and mint together, whisk olive oil with fresh lime juice, and dress the salad right before eating. Warning: This doesn’t stay pretty if you leave it in the fridge more than a few hours. It’s best served immediately after tossing.

Do you have any tips for choosing the perfect watermelon? Let us know!


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