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Coming together during quarantine: chalk your walk!

I am a semi-introverted person, and even I am going crazy on week three of the great social distancing quarantine of 2020.

Because even an introvert likes her libraries and coffee shops.

And my only child is struggling.

I know siblings can fight and bicker and drive each other crazy. But at least they have a peer to play with. My only child has only me.

And while I love board games, baking, and reading together, my LEGO and Minecraft meter is F-U-L-L. I cannot take anymore.

But if you look around, you’ll see what community is during quarantine is. It’s people trying to rally together for our children’s generation and provide things that make us feel together while isolated.

Hopefully you’ve heard of these ideas and are participating yourself. But if not, here are three things you can do this week. You can do them even if you don’t have kids, because the kids that will see them will be appreciative. The awesome thing about these ideas is that the MORE people that participate, the better it will be for everyone.

Three Quarantine Adventures for Your Neighborhood

Chalk Your Walk | #ChalkYourWalk

These beautiful spring days have us itching to be outside. Every time we go outside, we leave a new message on our driveway for people to see.

People are getting out and walking their neighborhoods more since they have more time on their hands and nowhere to go. The chalk messages are meant to be seen by people strolling the neighborhood. Thus, the #ChalkYourWalk movement was born.

You’re creating a connection with every person that walks by and sees your message. Hopefully it brightens their day just a little.

We have really enjoyed this, especially since we’ve been getting a day of rain between every two or three days of sun. The rain cleans our slate so we can make new messages!

Going on a Bear Hunt

Quarantine adventure: put teddy bears in your window!

If you’ve ever had little kids, you’re probably familiar with the book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

Well, someone came up with the incredible idea to flood our windows (and porches and yards) with BEARS! 

When the kids just can’t take being in the house anymore, jump in the car and “go on a bear hunt” in the neighborhood counting all the bears you can find.

Quarantine adventure: put teddy bears in your window!

We’ve seen bears in windows, bears on porches, enormous bears sitting in chairs in yards, and bears tied to mailboxes. 

Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

This is another idea I’ve seen circulating. Easter is April 12, so I say put your eggs up ASAP!

Just like the bears in windows, place paper Easter eggs in your windows so parents can take their kids on a social distancing Easter egg hunt.

Eggs can be drawn, printed, and colored, or however you want to craft them. In fact, this is the quick idea we put together. It’s super colorful without having to do a lot of coloring.

Coming together during quarantine: put Easter eggs in your window!

It’s as easy as construction paper eggs with decorative pieces (stripes, zigzags, polka dots, etc.) cut out and attached!

You can even cut out construction paper eggs and let the kids add stickers. Whatever makes the kids happy and keeps them busy, am I right?

This is a fun idea for the kids to participate on both sides: making the eggs for your house, then “hunting” them in the neighborhood.

Keep spreading the word so more people can participate in these fun ideas. If your neighborhood or community has come up with another idea to bring us together, please share with us in the comments below.

Let’s be a stronger community by coming together during quarantine!

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