How to Celebrate a Birthday During Quarantine


In the midst of a global pandemic and stay at home orders, I realized my son’s birthday was coming up. Because of our situation, this meant no birthday party at school, no 20-30 kids gathering to sing to him, and not even a big family party with extended cousins to love on my kid.

Birthdays mean so much to kids, and while we wish we could celebrate at one of our favorite birthday destinations in the birthday party guide, we have to find a new way to celebrate. So here are a few of our favorite ways to make your loved one feel special on his or her big day!

Birthday Signs in the Yard

How cute are these signs from Bham Lawn Party?!?

Here is a sweet sign design of a friend from school that we loved from Bham Lawn Party. They also drop off the decorations at your front door and you can place where you like.

A couple of other yard signs you can order are from Sign Gypsies and Bham Sign Fairy.

We love this “40” sign from Bham Sign Fairy for Ashley’s (of Ashley Mac) husband!

I designed these signs (I got inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy!) in Canva and sent them to my local UPS store to have printed. They were fast and very reasonably priced if you’re looking for a cheaper sign option!


Balloons (and Balloon Sculptures!)

We loved having this cute balloon design from The Rainbow Balloon Company in our front yard for everyone to see! It is Star Wars themed (notice the light sabers) and Joshua loved the creative design that was all about him. The Rainbow Balloon Company came and set up with no contact, and they have a pay online option. It was perfect! 

Celebrate a birthday during quarantine with yard decor!

We loved this R2D2 balloon sculpture, too!

Check out the details on these Star Wars balloons from The Rainbow Balloon Company.

Another option for balloons is Party Pickup. They can also drop off a design for your house!

Celebrate a birthday during quarantine with balloons!
Cute design from Party Pickup!

Birthday Parade 

Invite your child’s class, friends, family to drive by at a certain time. You can have people honk, say hi, sing “Happy Birthday,” etc.

We enjoyed having people drive by for our son’s birthday, but actually my kids absolutely loved going by their friends’ houses and waving and singing to their friends. I forget how much they miss their class and friends.

Celebrate a birthday during quarantine with a parade!

You can even give out party favors to your guests that stop by! We gave out ring pops (my son’s favorite candy).


Publix has beautiful, delicious cakes you can order and pick up. Have a precious little one turning one? The smash cake is free with a purchase of a cake!

Check out this Spiderman cake from Magic Muffins!

Celebrate a birthday during quarantine with a delicious cake!

Cake not your thing? We also love some cookies from Savage’s Bakery and Cookie Fix.

Celebrate a birthday during quarantine with sprinkle sandwich cookies!
These sprinkle sandwich cookies from Cookie Fix are very festive!


You probably know that Walmart and Target are still open for groceries and have a good toy selection.

Did you also know that local options like Homewood Toy and Hobby and Learning Express are offering curbside pickups? Follow them on social media and call to find out more details. 

Want to make something special for a dad or mom or grandparent? We love this handprint wrapping paper made by Rebekah V.‘s son for her husband!


Favorite Takeout Meal

Lots of great Birmingham restaurants are still open for takeout and delivery. Ask your loved one where they want their birthday meal from and pick it up. Our son’s choice . . . Chick-fil-a, of course!

Zoom and Videos

Have a Zoom call with your child’s best friends and families. Zoom has a free account option you can use, and your kid will love seeing and connecting with people they love. Also, listening to six-year-old conversations is hysterical! You can even choose a fun background to go with your party theme or with your child’s favorite movie.

Get your family and friends to send in a short video of themselves saying, “Happy Birthday!” Put them together and let them watch it over breakfast. They’ll love it! PLUS they can watch it over and over again. 

Snail Mail

Why not ask friends and family to write a note or send a card? It can be a sweet way to feel loved and appreciated. 

Who says quarantine birthdays can’t be fun? Tell us below how you have celebrated a birthday for the special people in your life! 


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